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About Communication Reports

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  • About Communication Reports

    Hi, i have already make a topic on Playdota forum about this subject. I have seen there are many subject about it in this part of this forum, i want give my feeling about communcation reports system.

    My topic on Playdota forum :

    Originally posted by diablo62z
    Communication Reports system : a truely game breaker.

    Impact on Gameplay :

    No one games found with matchmaking doesn't contain a muted player (often there are more muted player). You begin a game with a muted team, no one can speak about tactics, items, wards, courrier, or guide others.

    What result ? Games ruined by silence. Mostly of mutes aren't justify, people report with no reason.

    Solutions : Change Communication Reports system, maybe infinite reports but mute player only for current game.

    In dota 1, there was not mute system, but that don't break game. Now, i see only ruined games because no one can speak, all muted for often no reason.

    Please, do something, i love dota 2 so much, but i am sure about one thing: current Communication Reports system is ruining a masterpiece...
    Originally posted by diablo62z
    Originally Posted by erik-the-red View Post
    The next update will revoke all current mutes. In addition, it claims that the algorithm is now more "lenient" and if you haven't been muted in two weeks, the punish time gets reset to 24 hours if you get muted again.
    That don't remove the problem ; players will continue to be muted because reports rain in dota 2 games. There is a truely danger for dota 2 community here, we must be carefull about this communication reports system.

    I can understand why developer try to ban flamers guys, but they must be vigilants. I think best way is to mute flamers in the current games, because any player can be a flamer in a game, and a very good mate in another.
    Originally posted by diablo62z
    Like Ph0biA512, i took one week of mute by flamer who don't stop to say i has ruin the game, and i don't answer any offensive word.

    I was playing pudge.
    I have realy earn this ban ?
    Thanks of your care.