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My thoughts on the mute system and some possible changes

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  • My thoughts on the mute system and some possible changes

    Im not gonna lie, I flame during games. Nothing to serious, nothing about family or races, but I do call people noobs or retards. Honestly who doesnt from time to time. You know when you have that lion on your team, who wont stop autoattacking and ruin all your lasts hits. You tell him to stop and you even tell him why but he doesnt listen. Things like this really get under my skin but I digress.

    Here's the thing tho, I've got two major problems with the current system.

    1. I just got muted for 168 hours.

    Thats much time is ludicrous. Like other people have pointed out, being muted doesnt just affect you, it affects your whole team. If i have an innitiator i cant tell my team im about to jump in or I can't tell them that SB is charging them etc.

    I mean, I didnt mind being muted for 24 hours. Gave me time to cool off and reflect on what I had said or done. Then came a 48 hours mute. In all honesty I didnt think id deserve this one but I did get pretty ''unhappy'' so sure, 48 hours it is. But today, 168 hours muted. ANd i didnt even talk shit. I did suck balls tho but its not like I did it on purpose. I got outplayed and I got destroyed and for my team that meant muting me. That leads me to problkem number 2.

    2. The enemy team, or even your own team, can just decide to report you if they feel like it for no apparent reasons.

    Thats where the abuse starts. There needs to be a way to control the legitimacy of the reports because i think things got out of hands. Right now it is to easy to abuse the system. My friend, wom I play alot with, reports everyone for nothing and everytime he connects to the game, he get the little message that theyve taken action agaisnt someone. The thing is, he gets people that beat him fair and square ban and he doesnt get any kind of retribution. He hasnt been muted himslef but i can assure you that when he gets muted, its not gonna fix anything, its jsut gonna make him angrier.

    OK, now that I've complained, what about solutions? Well here's a few thing that I can come up that could help.

    1. You can get muted by other players, why not be unmuted by them.

    Obviously you could'nt be unmuted by friends or matchmaking partners but anyone else would be fine. At least this way, if I get muted becasue i had a very bad game, chances are I can be unmuted if I do a very good game. This doesnt really prevents abuse but I think it balances the system.

    2. Ok, so I used to be a League of legend player (don't judge, that was before I had acces to dota 2) and they had this thing called the tribunal.

    The tribunal is exactly what it sounds like. People who got reported would get judge by other members of the community. Im not saying we should copy the entire tribunal system but they are certainly things we could use from that.

    3. Have a permanent language filter. A filter you cant take off.

    The goal of the mute system is stop people from flaming. Take away their flaming words, like noob, retard and whatnot, and they suddenly become more docile. Of course, poeple will find ways to insult people in diffenret ways, without using the mainstream insult. But in a way thats good, people will get more creative and you can always update the database with new words when they start getting used.

    4. So you get flagged and muted because of x reason. Here's how it works.

    Instead of disabling the chat completely for the flamer, he gets preemptively mute IN-GAME. Im talking about the mute button everyone can acces. SO when the game start, and thats for every game for the duraiton of the ban, people on your team have the choice to unmute you if they want too.

    Here's why: Im muted so i cant communicate wiht my team but Im the initiator and the game is very close. So they other members of my team could decide its time to umute me so we can communicate and try to win the game.

    I like this solution because it wouldnt jsut help the mute, it would also help the team because everyone knows how unpleasant it can be to have a mute on your team. The inconvient from being muted go both ways.

    One thing i didnt mention is that the enemy team wouldnt have the option to umute you, for obvious reasons.

    ITs a big rant and I know someone people wont agree, but at least I tried to find some solutions. If you have nay other ideas, please share.

    The community can make this a better place. WE can make this a better place.