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Reports, abuse, democracy and a wall of text.

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  • Reports, abuse, democracy and a wall of text.

    I will start first with the fact that I have never been muted after 600 games played.
    I’m sure around 300 of these were after the new mute system was implemented.
    With that said I would like to throw some thoughts, mostly because there is a lot of whining all over the place.

    1) The thing most people bring up as the biggest issue with the report system is that it’s abusable.
    I can’t really argue with the fact that it is. Yes, there is a situation where an abuse is possible, and if you play with a team of 4 and you are only one and they decide to report you for no apparent reason – you are pretty much boned and can’t do anything about it.
    Solution? There is a solo queue. It pretty much prevents the situation when 2 or more players know each other and can team up on you for the sole purpose of trolling.
    2) This way we can easily throw away most “trolling reports”. And even including them into the list - If you have been reported there is a reason for it. That’s a fact.
    This reason might or might not be justified in your eyes, but in the eyes of the player it’s a reason enough to report someone.
    Be it a wrong phrase, or an action you took – you and only you forced someone to notice you and submit a report.
    If you play without trashtalking and actively pointing others flaws, if you don’t feed and do nothing stupid – no one will notice you.

    -Lol Drow wtf you doing making skadi you noob - is trashtalk and abuse.
    -Drow it would be best if you get crits instead - is constructive criticism.
    In either of these cases Drow's response like "Bug off you noob" is still trashtalk and can justify a report, while "I'm trying a new build - let's see if it works" can't.

    Why do feeders get communication bans in the first place? Mostly because they trashtalk back after being called a feeder. Does a feeder deserve a communication ban? Technically not.
    Is there another way to punish a feeder? No there isn’t.
    Do we need one? No we don’t.
    Can a horrible feeder do something to not get an unjust communication ban for the crime he didn’t make?
    With ease.
    I don’t have an oversized self-esteem and can easily say something like “sorry, my bad” when I fuck up.
    While trasktalking back after you feed will most certainly result in a communication ban.
    Short answer – yes the system is flawed, but it works most of the time, and anyone complaining about it have more often than not done something to justify a ban in the eyes of his teammates.
    Simple rules - be nice, play solo queue.
    3) The real life
    More often then not I see a “Well played!” spamming player nowadays. When he is doing so? Most of the time when someone in our team fucks up or does something he doesn’t like. More often then not in my mind another “ping ping ping well played” on my location when this guy mindlessly dive 1v5 and is horribly raped is translated into straight trashtalk, the one I heard a lot and the one that this guy was probably banned for. And I report him again.
    This is an easy way to prove that the system works as intended. The pingspamming is an equivalent of trashtalk and only people who were muted for correct reasons do so.
    4) The past and the present.
    There was a lot more trashtalk in games before muting came in place and people learned that insulting your mother can and will result in punishment.

    1) The system is working as intended.
    2) If you got muted it is probably justified
    3) If you get muted a lot – work on your own attitude as normal players don’t get this issue.
    4) I have not seen a lot of verbal abuse lately. People are learning and are afraid to outright call people names.
    5) A nice attitude from your side will most likely result in a friendly commendation instead of a report, even if you feed horribly.
    6) A principle of lesser evil. I will better be time to time trollmuted than have no way to mute an actual trashtalker.

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        Originally posted by smurf View Post
        This post is a quintessence of reason and common sense.
        It is full of ingenious and reasonable arguments, supporting the point of view of the poster.
        I think we should crown this post as the best post of this forum.
        It can even instantly cure cancer with it's radiating clarity.


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          The opening post is based on the misconception that an automated mute system produces good results. That is not true.

          If I say "GG" at the end of a pub stomp, the enemy feels offended. Because he clearly did not have a good game, his game was horrible and his entire suffering was for my satisfaction and pleasure. He will report me because he knows he can punish me this way. He will have a smile on his face when he gets the pop up that action has been taken and that he helped making the community a friendlier place.

          That this is even possible make the entire system obsolete. Think of the Tribunal in LoL. This would never be punished, the players know it, hence they never report something like this.

          Another example: Someone is heavily flaming, trashtalking really hard, calling me names and such. I report him and have to endure his trashtalk until the end of the game. Afterwards I will never see him again. But what will he do after he has been banned? He will play other games and destroy these due to his inability to speak. He cant ask for swaps in random, coordinate lane setups, call for roshan. The system punishes other people who have never done anything wrong, just because a random person got butthurt due to some trashtalk? And he had to live through the trashtalk anyway, whether he reported him or not. So all this system does is punish other people. It does not protect them from flamers or ragers, in fact it decreases their gaming experience muting team members in a communication heavy online game.

          Because of this this system should be scrapped immediately.

          Now there is a function implemented in the game that immediately stops all negative communication from a certain player, which does not punish anyone else and instantly ends all the trashtalk you have to endure. You do not want to hear the enemy team say GG? Mute them.

          The mute function does everything the report function does, just better. It is your personal revenge and com abuse prevention tool, that does not punish other players who have never offended anyone. But instead of highlighting this function, we still have to read the message "Remember, report everyone" at the beginning of each game. It should be changed to "Remember, you can mute anyone instantly by using the mute function found in the stats tab on the top left corner of your hud."

          We should also have a part in the tutorial where a bot flames the player and the game explains how to mute someone. After you have done this, you can completely scrap this flawed report system.
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            A lot of problems would be avoided if people watched their attitude. People say "the system is easily abused" and it probably is... if you've already been reported for acting like a douche before.


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              A lot of problems would be avoided if people wouldnt want to punish everyone in sight.
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                Originally posted by vozhyg View Post
                Solution? There is a solo queue. It pretty much prevents the situation when 2 or more players know each other and can team up on you for the sole purpose of trolling.
                You are just either too dumb to understand what is going on or you have posted this wall of text out of your fantasy/dream. You don't need two or more players to report you in one game. You need one.

                The other day I have reported the 15-1-something scored player on opponent team.
                Why? because I just felt like it.
                Was there any valid reason to report him for comm abuse? No. We didn't even talk.
                Did valve thank me for the report? Yes.

                So I just proved that your wall of text and TL/DR are false.

                btw, #6 -> there is a mute button next to every player. Click it. I heart it invokes ponies with rainbows.
                Last edited by CvP; 07-05-2013, 05:44 AM.


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                  "Bug off you noob" is reportable according to the OP? No wonder so many people are getting muted. The reporters are all PUSSIES.
                  Mute system is just another attack on freedom of speech. CENSORSHIP IN THE PUREST FORM.


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                    You need way more games until you get some real report abusers in your matches.
                    After that, come to this forum and you will cry hard.