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Ban Request for Abusing Courier and Destroying items

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  • Ban Request for Abusing Courier and Destroying items

    So I was in a game with 2 of my friends Slark (Nelezoid and Sven (BB.Qrade ).
    Game ID: 235526809
    We got these 2 players who were friends as well Windrunner and Bounty Hunter .
    They were spamming the voice chat with their own language, refusing to cooperate and in the beginning Slark had to buy a courier.
    So when Sven was trying to get his items delivered, BH and WR were spamming the deliver hotkey, even though Sven's items were first on the courier. That went on for a few minutes, in the end Sven got his items and stole Bounty Hunters Tangoes. (3 tangoes)
    After that the game went on pretty much normal, but when Sven bought his Hand of Midas recipe, Bounty Hunter and Wind Runner stole the Recipe and put it somewhere in the woods, but Sven saw where they had hid it, and was trying to take the Recipe back, but then Bounty Hunter took the recipe and gave it to the enemy team which destroyed it of course ( )
    After that things pretty much escalated quickly into an all out flame wars between WR, BH and the 3 of us.
    They had no right to do this, since the courier wasn't theirs, Slark bought the courier since they were refusing to cooperate the entire game.
    People like them deserve to be banned ,throwing games and starting fights with teammates on a regular basis is not good, and I can bet they do this kind of stuff every game pretty much.
    I am aware that after this Sven said some pretty nasty things and i would say he deserves a mute since he can be like that sometimes (Insults = Mute),(Destroying items,Giving them to the enemy team,Feeding = Ban ? ).
    Last edited by InsaneHobo; 07-05-2013, 12:39 PM. Reason: My firend actually made this post since he doesn't have an account, I just fixed same grammar :D

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    Happen to me once, but it was sort different. I didn't flame at all ,just 1 player on our team who was being a douche. Droped my reaver from my courier in the jungle. But we were winning anyways and I ended up finding that reaver and got two heart by the end of game, lol. I feel you bro, this kinds of shat happens. It's just people be really childish sometimes and you can't really do anything about it but deal with it. I just laugh it away.


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      I found it pretty funny myself,but sometimes people go too far,aside from refusing to play as a team with us,they wished to destroy the enjoyment of the game for us as well.
      And i think that shouldn't go unpunished.


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        Report and move on. This is a dev forum .