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Remove "Communication Abuse" reports and use the in-game mute to detect trolls

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  • Remove "Communication Abuse" reports and use the in-game mute to detect trolls

    1. Promote use of the in-game mute feature for abusive people.
    2. People who are muted by others in a high percentage of their games get a global mute.

    This system would reduce abuse significantly, in my view. People are less likely to mute their allies in an attempt to get them muted later, because it'll give them a lower quality of game - whereas reports can be thrown out npnp.
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  • #2
    i dont like this.
    i never mute people in my games, despite their manners, because i always go for the win and i always want to know whether they are snapping back into the game or have some important calls (they usually dont). i will report them for their bad behaviour ofc.
    if they dont get sufficient feedback (are muted) they will not use alternative ways to communicate that mostly allow those important calls (chat wheel).
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    • #3
      How many times do I need to say that the mute system should never exist? There is a mute button, it's been over three fucking months. How patient do you want us to be? Do you want your feedback from me? I keep telling you, I keep explaining you why it's flawed, I have explained in many calm ways how the higher MMR will never function with the mute system. Are you going to let this persist for another month to "see if it's truly working" i'm already muted. You cannot change the fact that in higher MMR when you fight stacks that recognize you they will troll mute spam you.

      Do you not understand you keep fucking up people who want to practice this game? How many fuckinnnnggg times must people say this to get it through their heads that this ENTIRE SYSTEM NEEDS TO GO AWAY LOL.


      • #4
        I think this is still abusable. Abuse might be reduced if you attached a time requirement like "must have been muted for at least 80% of the game" instead of just "muted: yes / no." But I'm still in favor of player review.
        We need a player review system like Overwatch for DotA 2. Get real people to judge communication abuse, intentional skill abuse, and intentional feeding.

        merci fenix


        • #5
          just get rid of it. FUcking christ theres a mute button this makes me angrier at valve with every passing day.


          • #6
            Originally posted by Loomdun View Post
            theres a mute button.
            You are missing the point in what they are attempting to accomplish. Might I recommend you to play another game until this passes?


            • #7


              • #8
                Originally posted by Loomdun View Post
                I haven't played since Frostivus. Your point? Anyway, I don't think they read feedback like "get rid of it". If it is bothering a majority of players, then before the game releases I imagine it will change drastically. This is more than likely just another one of their "tests".


                • #9
                  Guess what, there are people that like to improve in dota, to compete with friends who also improve. This system has been specifically targetting that group, and most of the people persist through it without actually raising their voice only telling each other how bullshit the entire thing is. I'm like one of the only few people who actually actively talks in this forum about the issue in the higher end bracket, and I have been calm for a very long time. But apparently being calm and making simple single statements doesn't get much done? Because they keep putting the thing in the game. It's a mixture of funny and depressing, this game ruins it so hard for those people.

                  Maybe it doesn't matter as much for you, but once again if you ever read any of my responses back when I was clamer. Which you didn't, The mute system intensifies in how it punishes people when it gets to people like that, and people like you have less of a issue with it. It will always remain that way, in the very top bracket people will actively abuse it against people they recognize.

                  This isn't a issue in the lower brackets because there is a much higher number of people, thus a much wider variety. It still persist, but not nearly as intensely.


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by Loomdun View Post
                    making simple single statements doesn't get much done?
                    What do you think will "get much done"??? This?
                    Originally posted by Loomdun View Post
                    This isn't a issue in the lower brackets because there is a much higher number of people, thus a much wider variety. It still persist, but not nearly as intensely.
                    It doesn't make much sense to me. I doubt you can make those conclusions just based on your observations alone, but you could state very easily that "abuse occurs with the mute system, therefore it should be changed".


                    • #11
                      The Higher brackets are filled with people who are more opinionated and more frustrated. If you ever had any ambition in any career ever, you would know that the more complicated things get the more opinionated many people become and occassionally very aggressive. Let this be art, sports, engineering, or even gaming. Not only this, but it's a smaller pool of people you run into. A smaller pool means more people recognize you, and then the more people that recognize you means that it gives more justification for both people on opposing sides to click "mute" on each other as a form of comically trolling.

                      Even if they don't recognize you, very opinionated people tend to teeter on abusing crap, and this is only a new tool for them to play with.

                      Edit: Wait, it's not a new tool, it's been out for over 3 months nevermind!
                      Last edited by Loomdun; 07-06-2013, 08:01 AM.