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Private Lobbies Cheat Setting Newbies Be Aware!!!

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  • Private Lobbies Cheat Setting Newbies Be Aware!!!

    Hi guys, don't know if this is the right spot for this, but earlier today i was the target of a friend i made on dota2 awhile back. We played numerous games together over the course of a couple of weeks, and he invited me to a private lobby to 1v1 him. We agreed to place a item on it if we lost. First game i was Zues and he was Windrunner, I became suspicious when he somehow got to lvl 18 when i had only hit lvl 8 and then had all these really good items. he ended up taking my base but i beat him with 11 kills to his 5 kills. I gave him 1 item for him winning, we then re matched and wagered that we would put all items in for this match. We agreed that it would be first to 3 kills would win. I chose sniper and he chose Furion. Again he was makeing gold much quicker then me and 12 minutes in before even taking a tower he had hand of midus, desolator and shadow blade. I didnt know how that was possible. I then killed him for the third time to make me the winner then he gives some excuse that it was first to 5 kills blah blah blah. I'd had enough this stage and left game. He then msged me on steam after to say he was having dinner and his brother locked his bedroom door and was playing on his computer. All the excuses that come along when a fraud has been found out. I then go back to watch the replays and find he is instantly getting amounts of gold and lvls. After abit of research i found to my surprise that there is a cheat aloud setting on private games. As i am relatively new to Dota2 as i've come from playing Bored Aussies Dota on War3 for about 6 years i was in shock.

    I guess i just wanted to find out if anyone else has experienced this type of abuse if you can call it that, but the fact someone would try and lie/steal from you to get a in game item is hard to come to terms with?!?!?! Here are the match ID's
    Sniper vs Furion :236884173
    Zues vs Windrunner :236828786
    And the guys name was celias.2016 and his profile can be found here:
    I know that cheating in a private game is aloud hence the cheat setting can be enabled pre-game but if there are any newcomers to dota2 they should be aware that this could happen to them. I've played dota for a long time and it goes to show that even with them cheats, i still pwned him in both games and that even though you cheat, it doesn't mean you are good at dota.

    This is one Dota2 Newbie that avoided beining rickrolled and still managed to destroy him ingame


    P>S celias.2016 i thought you were a skillful player in match's, now you are just a scrub in my books.

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    you better dont bet with random guys if u so unable to check svcheats 1 or 0
    didnt see any game abuse here

    also its not twitter


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      Yeah mate i know its not twitter as twitter is for fags, but this is a community forum where everyone can put their opinions up mate so....
      All im getting at is just to let the newer players know to be aware that this type of thing can happen to them and people need to be aware.


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        So what I gather is this guy just either farmed super hard or used server cheats and you traded him items for his wins.

        If you thought he was cheating, just refuse to give him the items. This thread is dumb as hell and I don't even know where to begin with it.


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          most funny part is the amount of times u killed him when he had like 3-4 good items and u just had what? boots and a early game item? sad he is so bad.


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            I would also like to make the point that celias.2016 was on a public matchmaking game and was abusive, and extremely vile and disgusting in game.

            He was severely abusive in game, immature and continued to do things which destroyed and ruined the game for everybody. He left the game for 4 minutes, and then logged back on so that we had to continue playing a game in which he lost us. His poor attitude should be recognised. I don't know anything about his 1v1 cheats, but I can vouch for the fact that he is an abusive player in-game, who clearly lacks respect for the game and the players.

            People like celias.2016 should not be playing Dota 2, and I sincerely hope that people like this should not be allowed to continue playing a game which is a privilege, not a right.


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              Originally posted by BadFanFictions View Post
              So what I gather is this guy just either farmed super hard or used server cheats and you traded him items for his wins.

              If you thought he was cheating, just refuse to give him the items. This thread is dumb as hell and I don't even know where to begin with it.
              Nah if you watch replay you see him in base gain 10 lvls instantly and gain amounts of gold while sitting at his fountain. Was my mistake for not knowing about the cheat setting as im newish to dota2, but have played war3 dota for a long time.
              Like i said the purpose of this "Dumb Thread" as you call it badfanfictions is just to let people especially more new comers that there is a setting they should be aware of in game. I'll stick to my team match's now and play legitimately against players that have skill, not stupid commands.....


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                Okay but if you suspected him of cheating, why give him items?


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                  Originally posted by BadFanFictions View Post
                  Okay but if you suspected him of cheating, why give him items?
                  first game i gave him a common crappy bow, then second we said we would trade all items, but midway through the game i got sus of his lvls/gold and left, watched replays and found out he could of had me big time.....
                  Avoided catastrophe but geez, its only in game items. Not like they are worth anything haha....
                  Last edited by ProJ-Rad; 07-07-2013, 07:17 PM.


                  • #10
                    lobby had cheats enabled?
                    -gold XXXX
                    -lvlup XX

                    or he could have used the console

                    i didnt watch the replays but yea.