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Thoughts From An OCD Player

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  • SpeedProg
    Regarding this:
    2) Limit what difficulty players can Bot on, based off of level. When I play Hard bots, I expect decent, experience players. I often get 3 lvl 1s with 0 wins. Maybe limit Medium to Lvl 2, and Hard to Lvl 5? If you let them dive in too deep, they'll get scared off from being facerolled, and experienced players get annoyed from having a fed Viper on the other team (I know your Viper in Med Difficult is at Hard+ A.I. Valve!).

    Every decent player (Normal bracket, not even High or very high) can rape Unfair bots without a problem. So never ever expect good players in bot matches at all.

    There are tournaments for low tier teams like I think the starladder has some lower "tournaments" too. Not exactly sure what they are called.
    And if you start a team you sure can get in contact with other low tier teams over different communitys like joindota.

    To 4. well it would be kind of awesome to be able to decide what languages the other ppl need to be capable of to get mixed in a team with them. To much ppl that don't speak english but are in the english q.

    About ppl flaming you, report them and then mute them for the rest of the game. Well yeah it kind of kills the team play but you can still communicate with them through ping. And in my opinion a ping can tell a lot more and faster then writing to chat or speaking. (Through some people won't agree with me at all, like those who tell me that it is no team play not to write them before I go on some one, but instead I only ping (yeah that happens from time to time)). But I guess those people are the rare ones (I hope) that don't what to think about the situation or are not capable of it.

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  • Shaella
    there's a punishment system in place for people that flame, just report them for comm abuse

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  • Batteringham
    started a topic Thoughts From An OCD Player

    Thoughts From An OCD Player

    Let me thank you for reading my post; I will try not to assail you with a wall of words. I never played Dota nor LoL before picking up Dota 2. In fact, the Beta invite sat in my inbox for months before I got bored enough to pick it up. I told myself, I was better than Dota people - I was wrong. Once I had a couple of friends to play with I was hooked. That said, I retain a critical eye, without the rose-colored glasses of a fan boy.

    My first experience with Dota 2 was the Tutorial. I am glad to say, it has gotten much better, with the recent release of expanded missions, and I am in love with the laning missions. I can't wait to finish it, and do a limited hero match against real players. I stepped in to PvP, and promptly got facerolled with Crystal Maiden. I've gotten better since, but I still hate CM because of that experience. In a team fight, I will still go off on her, regardless of other players health... but we all have our foibles.

    After playing almost 200 hours, I really have only 2 major problems with DOTA. The matchmaking, and the report system. I'll tackle matchmaking first.

    The matchmaking... is hit or miss, to be kind. Sometimes, I'll go on a winning streak, and end up with all lvl 1 to 6s with 1-3 wins in their profile, versus 100+ win players. I understand MM is designed to smack you back down if you get cocky, but really? Let me win on my own right, and lose if we don't do well - I'm tired of 1 out of 2 matches being decided before I ever play them.

    My Suggestions for Matchmaking:
    1) Community Groups - How amazing would it be to have a community you play against regularly? To get to know your opporent, and play with them? We could even have community All-Star Teams voted on by the group, and have them play other communities. Sort of a lower-tier system similar to the English Football System. We don't need to make people have to be in them, but being able to opt in, by geographic location would make it easier to have a sense of community, and also to know who we're playing with. I think everyone here, has played with an OD who just fed left and right. The power of the Peer Group would weed that out.

    2) Limit what difficulty players can Bot on, based off of level. When I play Hard bots, I expect decent, experience players. I often get 3 lvl 1s with 0 wins. Maybe limit Medium to Lvl 2, and Hard to Lvl 5? If you let them dive in too deep, they'll get scared off from being facerolled, and experienced players get annoyed from having a fed Viper on the other team (I know your Viper in Med Difficult is at Hard+ A.I. Valve!).

    3) Pickup Tournaments - Why do I have to be on a Pro Team to play against a higher difficulty? Having Pickup/Pub Tourneys for... say a couple of keys, or a rare item, would make it amazing. Sure people could play as a team, but why not have people sign up based off role (carry, support, etc). It will improve the level of gaming, and also get people interested in playing at a higher level. When the stakes are more than KDR/W-L-A, people play at their best. Give us non-Navi players a chance to shine.

    4) Foreign Players... please give us an option, as a checkbox to play with people who don't speak the native language. I speak Spanish, and I also speak little Russian. I don't like hearing that I love to go down on phalices because I didn't respond to their ping and in-game chat (mostly because I didn't understand it). I don't mind playing with people from other regions... but it should be an option to go international. With In-Game Chat being huge for strategizing, and everyone's experience level being different (and assumptions on what to do in a certain circumstance being based off of that, or an in-game chat), it's important we're all on the same page. Please give me an option to not play with people whose in-game names are either Cyrillic, or all Mandarin characters.

    Report System:

    1) I have only one suggestion - you need suspensions/bans. When I get called a fat f**got, I mute that player. He tends to feed, and it kills my enjoyment of the game. I can't leave the game because that would count as an abandon, and would kill my queuing. You need to have bans for players that have repeated hate speech. I'm not even mad at feeders - most are just learning. But hate speech... it needs to have no tolerance. That said, I love good trolling - call me a name I've never heard before, and I'll laugh. Tell me I sucked in the last team fight - I'll agree. But getting called a racial, or sexual, epitaph makes me just hate playing through the game - I can't quit without penalized and put into lower priority queue, and there's no vote system to kick a racist player from the game in PUGs.

    If I ruffled feathers, I apologize. If you agree, please hark on it, and expand in this forum post. We're all Dota addicts - please criticize and comment as you see fit - I'll be glad to read your posts either way... and for the record, I do suck... and that's why I'm a lifelong Support. And if you have any questions about the efficacy of Matchmaking... I originally wrote this post, while waiting for a Queue as a Solo Game for Captain Mode or Random Draft - twenty-seven minutes later, I'm still waiting, and this post is done.