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dota2 most fucked up community in gaming history.

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  • D.E.A.
    Going to need you to calm down and respect the community. We have to have a mute system in place for people like you. Take care and take your bad attitude with you.

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    Now try league of legends : o )

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  • mibuwolf
    Originally posted by Contract$ View Post

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  • Contract$
    started a topic dota2 most fucked up community in gaming history.

    dota2 most fucked up community in gaming history.


    i just want to say that the community here is the most retarded and fucked up community i've seen in my life and i've seen a lot in my life, a lot more than you all, im sure

    i play in the westeurope servers and i still get every fucking game russians or another, completely noobs in my team and after so many years im rly pissed off about this shit.

    i can do whatever i want, i can go mid, i win mid easily, but the bot and top laners cant read the miss or are too retarded to know how to react after mid is miss, or i can go carry, but then my complete team is full of carries or i can play support and support some noobs and i can be sure that this guys will suck at the end, even with freefarm lane.

    this game makes me so sick i want to punch some1. and i ONLY BLAME YOUR, THE FUCKING DOTA2 TEAM. u are the reason why a lot of games end like this, because u fucking NERDS cant even stop the russians, as example, for joining in eu servers. and at the end im the one who gets the mute, because i was flaming. OH RLY? I FLAMED? NO SHIT? GUESS WHY? NO? die then.

    yes, that was a flame, my sons and girls if this will not end, i will leave this damn game. and u are the reason why, dota team.

    i know that many kids will write "oh flamer, cry more" or whatever, but i will not comment anymore in this thread or in this forum. i won'nt even read what u have to say, idc for your comments, cuz the most of u are just whorekids.

    and yes fuck this english language, i cant write it grammatically and i dont rly want it. fuck english, fuck americans and britains and fuck this game.

    im gonna quit this shit. or maybe im going to convert into a troll who just feeds.. oh yes thats a good idea ) at least i have more than 50 dota 2 gamekeys used and activated on different steam accs with different ips, enough to troll you.

    this msg was for the dota2 developers, pls.. die.

    with the best regards