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The "My player didn't get points" thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Akriso
    I don't understand, where my fantasy points? i pick player card on this day and now what i see? nothing :c plz help me

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  • co6_be4
    we have different math?

    87.17+78.39+80.20+82.81+83.58 = 412.15

    mind_control have no all points

    games vs EG 16+15
    games vs infamous 11+8

    may be more bugs, not checked all and dont wont do it. i paid not for it

    id: 110531008
    Last edited by co6_be4; 08-04-2017, 11:51 PM.

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  • chaolem17
    Thank you Chris for fixing that. Very much
    Last edited by chaolem17; 11-08-2016, 08:31 PM.

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  • ntclick
    No points for Arteezy's games today in Starladder. Please fix.

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  • CrimsonGlory
    Haven't recieved my Fantasy Challange points.

    my profile

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  • RedPalm
    instead , to give me points , they took my 5 correct answers

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  • RedPalm
    Please, I do not know where to address! Give me a level of 17 correct answers for Bracket Predictions, not 12дотка баг.jpgдотка.jpg

    recalculate them there 17, not 12

    Player Name: RedPalm

    Just in case, sorry for my bad english

    Thank you!
    Last edited by RedPalm; 08-24-2016, 12:49 AM.

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  • WingXero
    Started Era in the Fantasy TI challenge today. However, he scored 0 points. That can't be right. Something has be broken here.

    See attached pics.

    Era No Points 1.jpg
    Era No Points 2.jpg

    Friend ID: 12320911

    Thank you for any help.

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  • kingller
    why my acc still cant open my fantasy player card pack? i post lot of time in diff threads!!!
    please fix it ASAP! i cant participate in event!!

    I CANT OPEN MY fantasy player card

    steam profile:[ATTACH=CONFIG]43245a.png

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  • volo9i
    Give me a compendium of points for completed assignments. Please help me.
    Player Name

    Match ID
    1) 2415312863
    2) 2414112914

    League Name
    1) nature treats
    2) thick air

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  • volo9i
    Help me please.Give me a compendium of points.


    Match Id

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  • volo9i
    I was not given points compendium. I won the match and completing quests.The game remained but nothing Accepted.Help me please.

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  • Candy Obscure
    Is there any way i can get my 750 coins back? I think i did this correct as a friend that played with me who also did not get hers told me how to contact you:

    hai dere!: did you get your coins candy?
    Candy Obscure: hmm din check..lemme look
    hai dere!: cuz i got mine
    Candy Obscure: nope dont see em
    hai dere!: treachery
    hai dere!: also, hi
    Candy Obscure: they look like a pile of coins right?
    Candy Obscure: hii
    hai dere!: yes
    Candy Obscure: yeah dont see them
    hai dere!: tell valve they owe you 750 coins
    hai dere!: compendium coins that is
    Candy Obscure: how do i tell them
    hai dere!: you go to help on the main steam thing
    hai dere!: then steam support
    hai dere!: then dota 2
    hai dere!: and then you have to look into everything in there till you find something that seems to describe the issue you have
    Candy Obscure: kk

    i have the 26.99 compendium as well

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  • jonmaycryzz
    <font face="Impact"> JoNxTaL

    match id:1465740697
    friend id:225593417

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  • warlock23
    гейб ты придурок ты меня бесиш почему ты мне недал сыграть с годнем проблемы со связью услыш придурок тупой!!!

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