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On stand-ins and scoring points

This is a sticky topic.
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  • On stand-ins and scoring points

    In previous seasons we had issues where players would play as stand-ins on someone else's team and earn unexpected points, so we changed the system so that players only earn points when playing with their main team. Mostly the idea behind this was to increase predictability of scoring, and not have players earn random/extra points for playing in other games.

    Currently, there are a number of players who are fairly established on teams (ie. Fnatic) but are still considered stand-ins, and are currently not earning any points. And most of the confusion around players not earning points is related to them playing as stand-ins. We're looking for feedback here -- should we start allowing stand-ins to score points? My plan is to enable stand-in points starting with Week 6, pending feedback in this thread.

    (in the next season we'll probably just have a fantasy league-level option so commissioners can decide whether they want to allow points for stand-ins, but seeing as most league settings are locked this season, that doesn't really help for now.)

  • #2
    Yesterday, i won the weekly scoring which make me 3-1 in entire season.
    But just a few minutes ago it is changing which said i lost on the 4th week, and currently my score is 2-2.
    Is it implemented already?


    • #3
      Arteezy had not been correctly credited points for last week, so the scoring (and wins/losses) was updated today. Unrelated to the stand-in issue.


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        If standins are currently being excluded, they should continue to be excluded for the remainder of the season. However, players that are not part of an organization or team should be removed from the player pool until they are placed on an official roster.

        It's also interesting to note that other online fantasy leagues generally exclude the all-star weeks in which players are not playing for their normal teams. While it is more the norm to have constant roster changes in DotA, and there absolutely are some "established" standins that should be placed on an official roster, that is a responsibility that falls upon the organization.

        As a question to ChrisC, could standin scoring potentially lead to things like Show Matches for tournaments scoring points in fantasy?


        • #5
          Regardless of the decision on stand-ins, we'd exclude show matches from fantasy points -- those games are just too crazy with some of their stats to count.

          Some of that is done automatically (only Captains Mode games count, for example), but we'd just exclude any show matches brought to our attention by hand if we had to.


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            I think it would be best to not include stand-ins this season anymore.
            On the other hand it is not good that for instance Fnatic has new players on their team but they count as stand-ins and do not get points. I forgot: Do the players themselves have to set their status to full team members so they are not seen as stand-ins?


            • #7
              Yes, players indicate which team they officially play for. We can edit it ourselves if necessary, but we try to let the players themselves decide their own affiliations.


              • #8
                Official stand-ins for LANs should count, like when mag stood in for C9 back in Star Ladder. Other times they probably shouldn't, especially when it's a last minute thing.


                • #9
                  I don't know if this is possible, but to avoid the unexpected points issue, you could make it so that players only get points for games on the team they played the most games for in any given week. For example, standin.ar1se might play 8 games in a week on Fnatic and a game or two on another team. You could potentially make it so that only his games on fnatic would count, since that's the team he played the most games for.


                  • #10
                    (sorry for the lateness in updating this)

                    For Season 2 we're going to stick with the current policy of stand-ins not receiving points. In future seasons we'll probably let the commissioner decide that setting on a per-fantasy-league basis.


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                      verify my dota2


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                        how to verify the dota2?


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                          Originally posted by bluetailx View Post
                          how to verify the dota2?


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                              I think is okay, but now need to fix the bug on the general predictions(heroes, players, teams and tournament), some player didn't get those points like me, will be update soon? only gave me the fantasy challenge points :/ they owe me almost 8k points
                              Last edited by guilleboc93; 05-02-2017, 06:55 PM.