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New Hero/Mechanic Idea

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  • New Hero/Mechanic Idea

    Titus (Planeswalker) - Titus is a giant stainless steel humanoid. He is from the Corporeal plane (where there is no magic, and gravity is much heavier than the material plane).

    Ability#1: Planar Shift - Titus can choose to walk from the corporeal plane to the material plane at will (but with cooldown). When Titus enters the material plane from the corporeal plane he opens the material plane up to the corporeal world and therefore the gravity of the corporeal plane pulls all heroes and hero units towards Titus for 1 second. The distance travel is based off of each units strength score (lower strength units get pulled further than higher strength units). Any units that get pulled into Titus and collide with this steel frame are stunned for a moment.
    -while Titus is in the corporeal plane he has magic immunity but suffers from the increased gravity. His movement speed and attack speed are slowed and he takes increased physical damage. Whenever Titus enters the material plane he loses the spell immunity and also loses all penalties.

    Another mechanic to introduce is adrenaline. 1 charge of adrenaline is acquired whenever Titus lands an attack or is hit by an attack. After building up so many charges of adrenaline, Titus is able to use one of his abilities and the adrenaline charges are expended. Adrenaline abilities have no cooldown, as soon as enough charges are built, the ability can be used.

    Ability#2: Fury - Titus uses all of his energy in a short burst; lunging forward, slashing all enemies in his path and applies bleeding to all enemies hit (bleeding deals damage over time).

    Ability#3: Dismember - Titus jumps forward and slams the ground; slowing enemies in the area and all enemies hit who are affected by bleeding also have their maximum health lowered for a duration.

    Ability#4: Onslaught - Titus gains attack and move speed, builds double adrenaline, and takes double damage.
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