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Suggestion for patch 7.28

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  • Suggestion for patch 7.28

    The latest patch made the pro scene playable and we enjoyed the spectacle for three months. But in public the games have become boring and I'm not afraid of the word "terrible". Heroes stand on the lane for 10 minutes and farm creeps. After the tenth minute, farming starts. All players on their territory share the farm. They farm for 30 minutes without stopping and those who dare to enter the line are killed. To avoid this and make the stage games more spectacular and smarter, I came up with some tricks to help with balance.

    Each hero in Dota has a certain bonus to the main attribute. I recommend changing attribute increments to levels. Terrorblade now has + 4.8 Agility. Conditionally, it can be divided into +5 to level 10, +4.7 to level 20, and so on. And this can be applied to all heroes. This will open up a new style of play. Players will predict the peak of hero power and play. Play and be aggressive or wait late. No matter how it is in the late stage of the game, all heroes are strong and all heroes have 5 or 6 items. At the end of the game, the reaction, strategy and tactics of the most pro players will decide. In addition, junglers will be relevant in this patch if the carry or offlaner turns out to be strong with a good addition to the attributes at the initial level. I dare say that you need more items for the foresters.

    All players have favorite heroes. Even I have a favorite Sand King. I take him offlane and often mix items to make him carry. But nothing worked for me. Therefore, in my previous posts, I wrote about objects whose powers increase relying on the main attribute. The more such items there are, the more new ways of playing will open up and this will return freshness and interest to the game.

    I wrote about such items as radiance, whose damage is increased by 40+ hero level or main attribute. The current meteor hummer succeeded but was converted into an item of initiation. Give her the same qualities as the "fallen sky". In some games, Blink Dagger is a useless acquisition.

    I came up with a new hero. Name Reverser and title Conjurer of Denial. His skill is based on deception.

    Q - disorientates the enemy and throws off the senses of balance. The enemy hero will do everything back. If he wants to attack an enemy creep, then the hero attacks his own, if an allied one, he attacks the enemy.

    W - swap health and mana points. Changes more against enemies.

    E - Shackles of the Mind - Increases mana cost + 20% of enemy spells.

    R - Denial - will impose a shield of negation blocking damage and two spells. Superimposed only on itself.

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    earlier in patch 7.23, attributes gave additional movement speed, magic boost, and magic resistance. It is curious why such interesting qualities were removed from the game.
    I found a solution: Link damage, action time and magical damage increase to attributes.
    Example: Crystal Nova - Effects + from strength, duration from agility, and damage + from intelligence.


    • #3
      Add combinated passive skills for items.
      For Example: Ethereal blade - passive: you can attack targets on spirit form without attack modificators.


      • #4
        Add item.
        Medalion of Battle mage: Reduces resist of magic for 20% and slows enemy for 5 seconds.
        +5 armor
        + 20 movespeed
        + 10 int


        • #5
          Eul's Rework
          U can stop cyclone between 1 and 2,5 seconds.
          If cyclone was stoped between that time, enemy slows for 40% for 2 seconds


          • #6
            Rework Meteor Hammer.
            Cast type: channelled.
            Damage and periodical damage depends on cast time.


            • #7
              All your suggestions definitely threw everything at random. If you reply this reply of mine, I'll gladly discuss the detail with you on how most of these just can't fit the game.


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                Originally posted by HoNUnofficial View Post
                All your suggestions definitely threw everything at random. If you reply this reply of mine, I'll gladly discuss the detail with you on how most of these just can't fit the game.


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                  Originally posted by heavyrail View Post

                  First of all, most of the ideas you propose has less to none of explanation as to what the purpose the suggestion will achieve.
                  Secondly, you only write one example of idea without caring about completing the list of the idea.
                  Thirdly, have you read the idea you wrote yourself? Or, have you read the idea of the other people in this sub-forum? What do you think about the one you made and the others made? What makes them same or different?
                  Okay, that's all for me. I'm sorry if I'm not discussing about the idea but rather the deliverance of the idea you did. Let me know your opinion about my reply.
                  Last edited by HoNUnofficial; 11-22-2020, 04:36 AM.


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                    Nerfing the "meta" heros, should be top priority. Because buffing the least played would be too much work. We need to start nerfing/changing the meta hero, so the entire game comes in-line.
                    There are so many heros that are not viable, because other heros are so much stronger.