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PATCH Suggestion: Aghanim Upgrades and Talent Trees

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  • PATCH Suggestion: Aghanim Upgrades and Talent Trees

    Abaddon: Aghs: +1 damage for each 1% missing health

    Spectre: Aghs: Haunt: 2 Illusions will spawn for each enemy hero, and illusions are granted Dispersion

    Sven: Aghs: When God's Strength is active: Cleave is at 100%, Stormbolt deals +50% current damage values, Warcry buff duration +7 seconds when cast

    Phoenix: Aghs: Passively charges 1 fire spirit every 10 seconds, Sun Ray becomes a toggle skill with mana cost per second

    Treant Protector: Talent: unobstructed pathing through trees

    Storm Spirit: Aghs: +1 mana regen for each 1% missing mana

    Templar Assassin: Aghs: Instantly teleports to an activated Psionic Trap

    Ancient Apparition: Chilling Touch: add damage reduction mechanic with same values as damage bonus, with shared (not discrete) instances

    Jakiro: Aghs: Macropyre grants same amount of healing per second for Jakiro if he is within it's aoe

    Slardar: Aghs: Sprint becomes a passive skill, Corrosive Haze grants vision of the target with a 500 radius

    Naga Siren: Aghs: Song of the Siren: All affected units move towards Naga at a speed of 350

    Undying: Aghs: When Flesh Golem is active, zombies will spawn from Undying at same rate as Tombstone

    Broodmother: Aghs: Insatiable Hunger is active whenever she is inside a web.

    Oracle: Aghs: False Promise gains 1 charge every time it reaches current level of cooldown, maximum 4 charges.

    Witch Doctor: Aghs or Talent: Voodoo Restoration restores mana as well.

    Dark Seer: Aghs: Surge becomes a toggle AoE aura ability with mana cost per second.

    Lycanthrope: Aghs: any unit killed by Lycanthrope while Shapeshift is active becomes a summoned wolf.

    Lycanthrope: Talent: Permanent Shapeshift form.

    BONUS: Instead of destroying enemy shrines, simply convert them into an allied portal to your fountain.
    Last edited by Amouriel; 04-03-2018, 10:29 AM.

  • #2
    BONUS: Gem x2 can be consumed to give the player permanent true sight.


    • #3
      Batrider: Aghs: +100 movement speed when Lasso is activated

      Beastmaster: Aghs or Talent: Hawk duration infinite


      • #4
        Dazzle: Talent:

        Replace level 15 talent 125 cast range with +35 movement speed
        Replace level 20 talent +50 movement speed with +350 cast range

        Oracle: Aghs: Alternative:

        False promise can be precast. Target will receive a buff that lasts 60 seconds.
        While buff is active, False Promise will proc once target's HP falls below 10% of its current HP.
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        • #5
          Earthshaker: Talent: 50% Cleave


          • #6
            Bristleback: Aghs: Quill Spray passively procs every 3 seconds + 300 Quill Spray Radius

            Sniper: Aghs: Remove sound effect and visual effect of Assassinate for enemies.
            Last edited by Amouriel; 04-14-2018, 07:56 PM.


            • #7
              Visage: Aghs: Remove cooldown of Soul Assumption


              • #8
                Beastmaster: Talent: Duration of all summoned units + 50%

                Treant: Talent: +90 Attack Speed

                Tinker: Aghs: Mana Cost of all spells -50%

                Lina: Aghs: Any enemy unit in the path between Lina and the target of Laguna Blade is also damaged.


                • #9
                  Clockwerk: Aghs:
                  -Rocket Flare vision duration = 30 seconds
                  -Rocket Flare radius = 800

                  Spirit Breaker: Aghs:
                  -remove cooldown of Charge of Darkness


                  • #10
                    Not necessarily an Aghs or Talent suggestion:

                    Give cosmetic set drops to people who have reached a certain number of commendations for good behavior.
                    The higher the number of commendations, the better the prize.
                    Commends from people on your friends list or people who you queue with are not counted.
                    This will hopefully encourage good behavior in solo queue.


                    • #11
                      Man, there should be a visual cooldown indicator (similar to cooldown items) for a player-carried Aegis.

                      Lich: Aghs: +50 damage for each successive bounce of Chain Frost

                      Lina: Talent: Fiery Soul duration +5 seconds

                      +10 movement speed for each observer ward carried in active slot

                      +experience for the player who purchases each observer ward and courier and courier upgrade
                      Last edited by Amouriel; 04-29-2018, 09:26 AM.


                      • #12
                        Pugna: Talent: Netherward Radius + 400


                        Another suggestion:

                        Change Ultimate to Netherward

                        Radius: 2000

                        Whenever an enemy casts a spell within the effective radius, 15% / 25% / 45% of the mana cost of that spell gets transferred as mana to all allied heroes within the effective radius.


                        • #13
                          Dazzle: Aghs:

                          Weave becomes an aura with an AoE of 1000
                          Allied heroes who are within the AoE will be granted bonus armor per second, capped
                          Allied heroes who leave the AoE will have their bonus armor reduced per second, capped at their original armor value before they entered the AoE

                          Enemy heroes who are within the AoE will have their armor reduced per second, capped
                          Enemy heroes who leave the AoE will have their reduced armor regained per second, capped at their original armor value before they entered the AoE


                          • #14
                            Luna Announcer.



                            • #15
                              Lich: Talent: 50% Splash Damage in a 150 AoE for each Chain Frost bounce