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PATCH Suggestion: Aghanim Upgrades and Talent Trees

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  • #16
    Is it possible to give Effigies aura bonuses?


    -movement speed
    -mana regen
    -health regen
    -etc. etc.

    The player can then level up their effigies according to their preferences.


    • #17
      Techies: Aghs or Talent: Stasis trap provides vision for its duration and its 600 radius when triggered.


      • #18
        Talent: Lion

        Mana Transfer: Lion transfers his own mana when targeting an allied hero with Mana Drain


        • #19
          Chen: Skill: Holy Persuasion: Rework

          Skill works two ways:

          1. is the normal way currently described
          2. is to be able to increase the level of the persuaded neutral creep by 1 -inclusive of increases in [stats and abilities (still tbd)]. By using this 2nd method, it will reduce the number of total neutral creeps persuaded.

          At maximum level with lvl25 talent of +4 maximum units, Chen can have 8 total neutral creeps persuaded, or:

          1 Level-13 Ancient Black Dragon


          1 Level-9 Ancient Black Dragon and 1 Level-9 Ancient Thunderhide


          • #20
            Broodmother: Aghs

            +4 maximum web charges
            webs grant vision
            webs grant true sight
            the oldest webs no longer get destroyed after surpassing the cap of charges
            you essentially can cast an unlimited number of webs, you're still limited by the cooldown and cap limit of charges though


            Give me the option to allow an allied team member(s) to wear cosmetic set items I have in my inventory.
            This way that player will be able to see and experience the set item in-game, and may even encourage them to purchase it on the marketplace.
            Last edited by Amouriel; 11-25-2018, 06:21 PM.


            • #21
              Sven: Aghs:

              +1 Strength for each instance of damage received while Godstrength is active.


              +1 Strength for each 1% of missing HP
              Strength bonus is lost for each 1% HP regained

              COME AT ME, BRO!


              • #22
                This falls under the word "Fantasy"

                Regarding the team composition, I'm thinking about moving the Captain position as the 6th player.

                The Captain:

                -does not control any hero
                -can see the map with his team's vision
                -can issue commands to each of the 5 players who control a hero

                I personally believe it's easier if the Captain is free to view the battlefield without the added task/stress of controlling a hero for himself, because it frees more processing power for the Captain's mind.
                A trick for the Captain, I suppose, is knowing when to give specific instructions to each individual player in the team, and knowing when to let each individual player act of their own accord.


                • #23
                  Can we get a visual indicator of Treant's tree search radius, please?

                  ilu <3


                  • #24
                    "+1 Strength for each 1% of missing HP"

                    I think this needs to be refined lol

                    Maybe check for current HP% and add bonus after every 1 second. =)


                    • #25
                      Bounty Hunter: Aghs:
                      Target does not gain unreliable gold while debuffed.
                      If target dies while having the debuff it does not gain unreliable gold during death. XD


                      • #26
                        Dark Seer: Wall Replica: Rotate Clockwise at the speed of 50



                        • #27
                          Visage: Talent:

                          Each familiar can buy/sell/carry/transfer 1 item.
                          Item is muted while it is being carried.
                          If the familiar that has an item gets re-summoned, the item is also transferred to the summoned familiar.
                          If the familiar that has an item dies the item is lost.



                          • #28
                            Jakiro: Talent: Dual Breath destroys trees

                            Let's do this!


                            • #29
                              Shadow Demon: Talent Tree: Level 15: Radial Shadow Poison

                              (Similar to Invoker's Radial Deafening Blast)



                              • #30
                                Underlord: Improve Aghanim.
                                Causes bonus damage to be granted to nearby allied heroes for half the values.
                                In addition to this bonus, make sure that the aghanim gives half damage, permanently recieving for every enemy hero dying with the debuff. [New mechanic in 7.20]

                                Invoker: Add to Ice Wall vector mechanic.