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PATCH Suggestion: Aghanim Upgrades and Talent Trees

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  • #31
    Medusa: Aghs: 0.0 Attack Point + 0.0 Attack Backswing


    • #32
      Abaddon: Aghs: Any damage received by any allied unit within 1600 radius of Abaddon gets transferred to Abaddon. Active at all times.

      EDIT: Maybe toggle-able
      Last edited by Amouriel; 09-15-2019, 10:22 PM.


      • #33
        Templar Assassin: Psi-Blades spill width +75



        • #34
          Pugna: Talent: Physical auto-attacks turn into magical attacks dealing magical damage


          • #35
            Random suggestion:

            Aether Lens: recipe 2: 1000 gold: increase aoe of spells by 200



            • #36
              Random suggestion:

              Can you guys change Bat Rider's name into Rider? JFC XD


              • #37
                Random suggestion:

                Jakiro: Ice Path: Jakiro gains flying movement and travels along the Ice Path 100 units behind the front tip.

                This should make Ice Path a more useful escape mechanism for him.


                • #38
                  Random suggestion:

                  New Neutral Item: Recipe Plus: Turns any item (shop or neutral) with no active ability into a consumable, thus permanently providing consumed item's bonuses without occupying an item or backpack slot.

                  Can target self or allied heroes. XD


                  • #39
                    Doom: Talent: Doom applies disarm on target.


                    • #40
                      sadly the dev team of dota never heard player suggestion
                      SO SAD


                      • #41
                        Jakiro: Aghs: Whenever a spell is cast, 1 second is removed for any spell that is currently on cooldown.




                        • #42
                          Roshan: Item Drop: Buyback +1: Active:

                          -active can be used when dead
                          -cancels the buyback timer (if it is active), and allows the player to buyback into the game
                          -buyback still follows gold requirement rule

                          -requirements for item use could be either active slot or backpack slot


                          • #43
                            Techies: Talent

                            -increase Proximity Mine radius by 75
                            -increase Stasis Trap radius by 75
                            -increase Remote Mine radius by 75



                            • #44
                              Stop posting suggestions in FANTASY DOTA, holy shit dude.