I'm semi-old player started playing dota in 2013. All your magor patches are bad since 6.82 in my mind. My friends that play dota 5+ years have same opinion. Most stupid from them:
6.82-6.83 fucking stupid come-back system and bounty runes was bad but accepted(its very bad that icefrog has ported this stupid patch to dota1. I would prefer play 6.81 instead that).
stupid faerie fire, shrines, denied bounty, stupid ancient prowler creeps with very annoying and disbalanced(in compare with other ancient creeps) rot and desecrate.
Some annoying and used by smurfs\busters heroes haven't nerfed yet. For example meepo: high winrate(59% crusader and below\57% divine and above), in last patch it was a little buffed instead a strong nerf.
Disbalance heroes (with 55%+\45%- winrates) still exists (can be undestood on new heroes or new patches, but that was existing on stable patches)
and other.
30 level cap - good, some heroes rework - ok but some heroes as sayed before should be strong nerfed, everybody has self courier - good, free wards - we don't need supports now, but can be accepted, outposts - stupid, turning forest to a fucking casino - EXTREMELY BAD
Lets imagine some magor tournament game: 2 close teams play decisive map - they play hard and try to play as well as they can. Before a winner of map was decided by a key teamfight or a magor missplay, mistake. With this casino-forest winner is chosen by fate, especially in super late games - which team is the first to find a key neutral item is a winner of a map. This is like choosing a winner of a magor poker tournament by blinded all-in - no skill, only luck.
Most pro players have already said on twitter\reddit\other social networks that this patch is piece of shit and this must be remade - they want play dota but not a casino.
Every year devs surprise us by some new, shocking and most of all stupid patches. But 7.23 is over the top, cannot be accepted and must be redone or next TI would be like a some casino tournament - low depend on skill, very high depend on luck.