I suggest two new items:

- A multi-cast item that grants a guaranteed chance to cast at another random hero with target items and spells. It can be combined with Aether Lens to increase cast range. It is applied before Ogre Magi's multi-cast and Skywarth Mage. Spells that bounce like Zeus or Dazzle work but target another enemy, so it doubles the damage (some balance will be needed maybe).
- A multi-shot items for ranged heroes that allows attacking a second target, it applies attack modifiers but not additional multi-shots (medusa, drow, clinkz can't multi-shot from it). It can be combined with a Dragon Lance to increase attack range.

Now the new blademail with the passive 20% damage return balances the multi-cast and multi-shot from enemies. Maybe we could have an item that only grants status resistance.