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Guild feature in Dota 2 Reborn?

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  • Guild feature in Dota 2 Reborn?

    I know this is probably way too early to speak out since the beta isn't even out yet but I noticed that the Community tab is missing in the new UI.

    I am actually quite concerned about this since I run a guild with over 500 members. I know the chat room does the job too but a lot of our members enjoy the guild party feature.

    Also, my guild is quite integrated with a steam group which I also own so moderating is also pretty important.

    It might be way to early to speak out but I feel like I need some assurance that guild is gonna be back for source 2. If not, it's gonna be in beta for a while so there is still hope.

    Any reply is appreciated.

  • #2
    The guilds system needs improvement.

    Would be nice to have the option to make an open guild which the mods/adms can accept or decline requests to join on the guild. This is gonna be o good improvement for big communities guilds.
    And another good stuffs like, automatic private guild lobbies system to create inhouse games, ingame scheduling (events, partys, lobbys), maybe a tool to create a internal guild rank, or even a guild tornaments (like IXDL do but without need to create free store ticket).


    • #3
      It definitely could use some love. Valve hasn't touched the guild feature since it was added so I was pretty excited that all that might change with source 2. But now I'm a bit afraid that they might completely scrap the feature from what I've seen from the Reborn page.

      I mean I am grateful for all the hard work and amazing stuff they put into this new UI but please don't remove anything from the original, volvo!


      • #4
        we need notification option to Guild + add some colours to leaders


        • #5
          I was thinking. Why Valve don't integrate Steam Community groups to the Guilds in Dota 2?

          Steam already have a decent platform to manage the groups on Steam Community, if they integrate Steam Groups to a Dota 2 Guild system, sharing the announcement, mod/adm system and and adding some exclusive stuff (like the player rank and inhouse tournaments) as can visible in game the Guild system can be a really decent.
          IDK this is just a idea. But this can help a lot for small inhouse grow up and create new competitive teams.

          Scrap this guild ideia probably will be a big waste for Dota 2. And if Valve decide to improve the system this probably gonna be a really good for new competitive scene.


          • #6
            I think this is a great idea. Have Dota 2 communities (basically guilds) for each steam group that has Dota 2 as an associated game. They could just add a community option on you friend feed of the new UI. Then you should be able to select some of your steam groups with Dota 2 as their associated game to show up in your feed Dota. This should also automatically create a chat channel in Dota (linked to the steam chat channel) and things like group announcements, MotDs or mentions should show up in your feed. You should also be able to advertise your party to a community (like the new beacon but wider than your friends list) and select which communities' party advertisements can show up in your chat and/or feed. This also gives them the opportunity to link the new "public lobby games" feature to community, i.e. only community members can see/join a community limited lobby etc.
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            • #7
              Reborn has completely replaced the source 1 client and yet the guild system is still missing from Reborn. I understand that there's a lot to work on with Reborn but I must wonder when the guild system is going to be implemented. This hiatus for my guild is a bummer for me and my guildmates.


              • #8
                yeah where guilds in reborn?
                Cant find in options


                • #9
                  You can find 'block guild invites' in the options but there's no guild anywhere else in Reborn. It just doesn't exist. ICEFROG PLS ADD I am getting desperate


                  • #10
                    Valve staff focuses on gameplay fixes/features atm, guilds will be added later for sure.


                    • #11
                      Honestly, a feature in which several communities rely on should be higher up in the priority. I mean, this should've been implemented before Source 1 disappeared because now a lot of guilds are left in the void. The local chat is impressive and it is probably more use to most other users but the guild is just as important for the niche groups


                      • #12
                        Looks like the private chat channel is going to be the guild for Reborn. I've done a bit of testing so far and it seems like the functionality of the PCC is almost the same as the guild except with fewer features such as

                        1. Guild logo and information/description
                        2. List of members with information such as online status and guild ranking for each member. Also gives you a UI to promote/demote/kick any members using this list
                        3. Open guild-party system where guild members can join your party without needing to explicitly advertise in the chat

                        Well, I'm still very very very happy that guild-like feature is added. It's a start and I'm hoping more feature is added to PCC in the future. pls


                        • #13
                          still no guild feature?


                          • #14
                            It's been almost two years since I made this post and the guild still hasn't made its official return. Private chat channel fills that gap but its still underwhelming. With community goals we had in the past in compendiums, I still think there is a lot of potential and I hope valve hasn't abandoned this idea yet.


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by hexperiment View Post
                              It's been almost two years since I made this post and the guild still hasn't made its official return. Private chat channel fills that gap but its still underwhelming. With community goals we had in the past in compendiums, I still think there is a lot of potential and I hope valve hasn't abandoned this idea yet.
                              I think Valve needs an incentive to work on it, unfortunately I don't know what it should be.

                              It's quite clear that Guilds would serve a purpose, but without someone at Valve actually wanting to make it, it's hardly coming back soon.

                              We need to get people to message Valve directly, to make them aware that it's something the community would really want.