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Guild Communities for New Player Experience and Smurf Detection - Suggestion

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  • Guild Communities for New Player Experience and Smurf Detection - Suggestion

    The objective of this suggestion is to increase player count to popularize Dota and its uniqueness that makes it great.

    The reason for the decreasing player count is due to the aging demography of Dota players and the weak influx of new players.

    The true count of dota players are still massive. The problem is they are hibernating. They try to come back but the best reason to stick to the game is with friends. And these new friends do have experience on MOBA but not the Dota experience. Some on other games, others on the recent mobile platforms.

    I believe that a lot of these players have tried to hook dota but the next problem arises. And this results to the weak influx of new players player. There may be more other reasons but I will stick to the two that this suggestion may solve objevtively.

    1) Tutorials and Guidance

    2) Smurf that ruins the experience

    The first one is the primary problem that I notice the most as new players are lost. I have a post on tutorials thread that may answer some of the issues on tutorials on this link.

    Now with the usage of Guilds to aid the 'new player experience', Guilds may be given contracts that coaches new players and guides them the every aspect of the game. It could also be a Guild challenge for earning Guild Points.

    Aside from the suggestion above, Guilds could rather have a student slots where they cater new players and guide them within. The more these new players achieve their own challenge through the guilds guidance, the more benefit they will take.

    For the smurf problem, the usage of the guilds may also be an additional detection method where the community themselves handle such new players. If an abuse may take hold, the guild itself may have demerits. If an actual new player has achieved their objective, a decent reward may be given to the guild.

    With this method, every new player can be catered which may help apease toxicity for both the new player and the veteran player.

    Ratings may be given by student to mentor vice versa. It will be open to the whole guild and will be transparent. This will make new players more visible to the dota moderators through guilds.

    In conclusion, let the community help Dota to further increase its player base.

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    Balancing the "meta", by nerfing the most played heros/items, so that the least played/bought become viable. I think that would increase the new player experience.

    You give people the ability to create their own builds, and have it be viable, that's what made Dota popular.