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What do you think about this concept

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  • What do you think about this concept

    Hello everyone ,
    I've been playing dota since WC3 . Probably when I was playing with my friends were the best moments , when we were learning and discovering dota , the old garena days.. I still remember when a friend of mine didn't know that sandking's ult had a channeling time , so he moved and interrupted it and we started blaming on him and laughing . Funfact we dindn't know it too .
    Of course the game has improved a lot , it became bigger and bigger but i'll go straight to one point , a crucial one , that is the base idea of this game , and it's missing : teams .

    In the last month , 13million people played Dota 2 . At the same time , in the last years , how many teams have you seen playing (pro or not),30,40,50? Let's bring out some numbers = 50 teams means 250 players , which is equivalent to the 0.0019% of dota 2 players . You may want to consider all those high mmr guys who actually try to get noticed with their teams . We will add other 20 teams : 70 teams = 350 players = 0.0026% . In a few words , in a team based game ,only the 0.0026% of the players actually enjoy playing with their mates and have the opportunity to play against other teams . What about the rest 99,9% ? Where is the competition for all those players ? If they decide to create a team(can be pro or just for fun), what's next ? Where do they find other teams ? How would they improve or get noticed , by playing pubs against some random parties ?What would they achieve then? There are no answers to this questions .
    Therefore I'm writing this post to talk to you about "BeatUs", a project we want to begin .

    I'm studying IT engineering and me and my colleagues want to build a platform for the dota 2 teams .
    How will it be ?
    There will be 10 divisions , from 10 to 1 ,and every team will have to play against other teams from their same division to climb it . In every division , even if you dont reach the points to climb to the next one , you will still have to perform well to keep your position and not go down to a lower one . Over time , more teams will join and the strongest will get to the higher divisions, bringing down the old ones . After a while , every division will get "its own difficulty" (like MMR) which means that the community will know , by the division , how strong a team is . So think about this : 13 million players , how many teams could be created ? How many matches will be played per day to climb the division ? How much the community will grow ? How many teams will finally get to play and have fun against other ones ? We could even be a little bit negative . Let's say that half of the players might just want to open dota , play solo and close it. There will still be 6 MILLION players ! A huge number ! And it was an exaggerated assumption. You will just have to join the platform , create your team , and be ready to face an entire community .

    Everyone is asking and talking about how to increase their mmr , which means how do i play good solo,since there isn't any other thing to do . Since , if you want to enjoy the real dota , you need to reach that 9k to put your name on the learderboard and maybe get noticed(which doesn't mean "come and play with us"). Therefore , the average skills will also increase .The players will learn how to win and play as a team , will learn the game's fundamentals , instead of picking the meta hero and focusing on carrying no matter what ,without listening and communicating to others. By making growing this system , being in high division will mean you are actually a strong team .There will be connections with the pro scene , as , in conclusion ,it's the place where the teams will be able to show their skills,instead of losing opportunities because they dindn't have neither contacts nor chances to prove and reveal themselves somewhere . We want to bring competition , excitement and an innovative system .

    So our job would end here . You are the players , you will make it grow . Share it and discuss ,let the community know about this news .
    Feel free to ask and suggest everything you want .It's just an idea , we are open minded .

    Or send us a message : [email protected]
    ps :We also think there's a lack of tournaments for the community , and it will be the next thing we will organize . The real , concrete and simple ones as this project is dedicated entirely to Dota . Not like other projects which have thousands of extra contents , making everything confused and messed up .

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    Good point, idk where the admins are, probably sleeping and gettin money from ppl buying hats.


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      Just create your service and see how it develops. There is no need for a big announcement.

      Only announce it, if you have something to show/present. Most people become mad/disappointed, when they see that certain projects fail.