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  • Originally posted by 1337_n00b View Post
    Doesn't look like Pit Lord to me; it's Shadow Demon. Just a different color scheme. The most finished picture looks exactly like Shadow Demon, but with green lighting.

    And this is the topic for concept art of already released heroes - while SD has already been released, you're claiming it's AU, so yeah, wrong topic.
    I thought it was the Look forward thread, sry. Well, seems like I'm lucky bastard and got the right one It really didn't seem like SD to me, though, maybe cause I'm too sleepy. Oh well, waiting for pictures from people who were there.
    No forum members attenting the TI3? :/
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    • The love of my life!

      Her midriff isn't exposed anymore, and she has a cooler staff now, imo. I still don't like the jewel on her forehead, but luckily, there's cosmetics for that! Also, I am very happy Valve didn't go with that portrait I saw where she had icicles for hair. THAT WOULD'VE BEEN AWFUL.


      • Boobs are as big as they were intended, though xD I wonder how she's still maiden ^^


        • My oh my, did Clockwerk change over the years.

          Taken from Wyk's Facebook page, I'm not sure if it's legit. He tends to make art that looks like something Valve made, not put any signatures anywhere, and confuse everyone.
          Heroes this user should seriously reconsider ever picking again.


          Visit the Dota 2 Lore Megathread. Renovation ongoing.


          • ^Seems legit this time. In "A Look Forward" you can find this concept on that art wall photo.
            Remember, remember the 1st of November


            • --->2:21 i think that's a model for SF


              • Originally posted by BC_ View Post
                For those who haven't seen, cyborgmatt compiled a list of a lot of the comedy icons.

                Just great
                Holy ROFL at Viper Strike.


                • Originally posted by japoslav View Post
         --->2:21 i think that's a model for SF
                  Originally posted by daed
                  This is another example as to why the developers should never seriously take in consideration any post on the dev forums.


                  • Originally posted by Banethulhu View Post
                    Wow..that would be so weird because it looks like the w3 SF model.


                    • 2.17 is Roshan, 2.21 is SF


                      • I caught a really quick glimpse of what looked like old Meepo concept art on the wall at TI3.
                        Does anybody have a clearer image of that frame? One of the concepts seemed to look quite evil and honestly quite badass, would love to have a better look.


                        • I'll never understand why he had Kil'Jaeden's model in WC3 DotA.
                          Because Icefrog (or whichever geek designed Lycan) could only work with what they had, which was just Warcraft models. You had to be a little imaginative with some of the models.

                          I assume you know that already and you meant this as more of rhetorical question, but yeah.


                          • I just looked at all the joke icons.

                            Some of them are really funny and offbeat and good, but then, OF COURSE, you have to have a few that are just 'lelelelele troll face rage face mem xdDDD so fuunnyy'. Oh well.


                            • I found high-res pictures of all the concept art atTI3:

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                              • ^I think SF will have a "Arcana" item, like Lina ^_^

                                I hope
                                Unleash The Beast!