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Oracle Fan Lore

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  • Oracle Fan Lore

    Okay, all this resurgence of fanworks is tugging at my nostalgia here. I've been having some visions lately, and decided that there shouldn't be much harm in laying it out in the good old ways of fan lore.

    Lots and lots of rival lines.

    The dreary sound of ill omens and the tasteless taste of false promises followed him all around. Eldritch visions and dark prophecies had long become nigh-routine to the hollow-eyed ghastly entity that crackled with energy, fragments of unthought chaotic whispers coursing through his veins and aeons upon aeons of destruction unveiling themselves to him minute to minute. The wanderer knew of how the Keen sprawls would be abandoned, and he knew how a ghostly chill would lay upon gardens of bone, and in his mind the cold death of the universe was fully visible, but by this point he no longer knew who he was. Nerif, he was called, perhaps - maybe a fortune teller whose own fortune had come to a complete end, maybe a priest of an insignificant deity whose mind now bore the scars of the revelations, or maybe none of that, a discordant half-thought that the Universe had but then dismissed, leaving it stranded on the material plane. He saw all that at the same time, and none of it made sense to him. The folk who had seen his figure float by, rambling about radiant ravaging and dire destruction, saw him as a gone-mad magician; their name for him was that of the Oracle. Perhaps that is what an unfortunate missing soul had become. Perhaps that was what he was.

    In good part to cover for his unsettling backstory, I envision Oracle as one of the more hammy heroes of the game. Can't see anyone but Nolan North of the role, myself. Due to several things that apply to my concept of him, I am really not sure that many others can make him entertaining instead of annoying.

    The thing is, his uniqueness is in how he often follows up on his usual action lines - from hero kills to last hits - depending on the game situation. The better things are going for you (positive K/D score, more kills than the enemy team, more towers standing than the enemy team, a good bunch of gold) the more hopeless he sounds; the worse they are, the more his spirits lift. So it'd take some Merasmus-level ham in the delivery for people who win often not to become annoyed. I just seem to like concepts that take a lot to work.

    For a taste of what he should sound like, aim somewhere between Ishnifus Meaddle here and, well, Meramus, who else.

    They called me Oracle.
    They called me?
    At last, I am called to witness the end.
    Oh, this does not end well.
    I see everything, I know everything.

    Battle Begins:
    My mind tugs at the strings.
    The strings tug at my mind.
    I foresee doom and destruction.

    First Blood:
    And did the first blood scathe the terrain.
    First Blood! My visions hold true.
    First Blood, just how I pictured it.

    All foreseen.
    My thoughts crawl.
    Long past premonitions.
    All is seen.
    They command me.
    Onward, to horrors.
    Ooooohhhhhh, choice is insignificant.
    I foresaw this exact moment.
    Downhill from here.
    It's an omen.
    Oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh.
    The writing's on the wall.
    The end of the world is in that direction.
    Ouuuugh... yes.
    Do I still see?

    Dare resist?
    A blot on the tapestry.
    It commands me.
    Out of sight, out of mind.
    Out of my mind I said.
    I see your end.
    You won't be victorious.
    We're doomed, especially you.

    Spell Order Instructed:
    The universe has issued its command.
    You will see, all will see.
    Discord and uncertainty order me.

    Casting Fortune's End:
    Oh, it is coming out of me!
    Oh, this strains me.
    Oh, it channels.

    Releasing Fortune's End:
    No good heralds.
    You were not like this.
    The powers that be want you like this.
    Let the doom come out.

    Casting Fate's Edict:
    A piece of the higher plan, this is.
    Don't interfere.
    Doom of insignificance.

    Casting Fate's Edict on Ally:
    What means this augury?
    No touching.
    If they want it like this, be it like this.
    It has a plan for you.

    Casting Purifying Flames:
    Purifying Flames!
    And did fire scorch your being.
    The planes be bathed in fire!
    Through fire lies resurgence.
    Fate is painful at times.
    Behold your revelation.

    Casting Purifying Flames on Self:
    Oh, canyouturnitdown.

    Casting False Promise:
    False promises!
    And remember, no promises!
    If anything happens, be it your fate!
    Doom can't be averted, but it can be delayed!
    Concealed from the master plan!
    The Universe glances over you, insignificant one!
    A favor from the highest intellegences!

    False Promise Successful End:
    Fate itself twists!
    Exactly how I saw it. Absolutely.
    That's how it was supposed to go.
    I was sure this would work.
    Doom - infinity, the Oracle - one.

    False Promise Unsuccessful End: (target hero dies withing 10 second period; no enemies killed)
    Too insignificant am I to avert the course!
    Oh that will come out of my cut.
    Witness the hopelessness!
    Not even the Oracle helps.

    Level Up:
    We're all doomed, I'm telling you.
    All the better to see our impending doom!
    Darkest mysteries unravel!
    Ooooh, the gloomy horrors are so much clearer.
    I can see even more of everything.
    I can see clearly now, the hope has gone!
    I'm having a revelation!
    In the darkest flames noone will survive!
    Ah, sweet apocalypse. Oooh.
    The Mad Moon smiles at us.
    What is this place of so many horrors?
    Aaaaaaaaaugh. I did not ask for this.

    Killing a Hero:
    Do you hear the voices too? I thought as much.
    One that knows so little, will never understand much.
    Impertinent to resist.
    Who has been doomed cannot be undoomed.
    The layers of reality devour you whole.
    The writing's on the wall, and someone's not reading it.
    You were foreseen, foretold and foresaken.
    And so it comes to pass.
    Chaos devours you.
    They tell me to kill people.
    Eldritch tendrils rend your soul.
    I saw this so.
    Didn't see you there, at the end.

    Killing a Rival Hero:
    And did the unstoppable force break apart the mighty continents, and did the earth drown in cold flame.
    You take too much credit upon yourself, Titan.
    Worldsmith my ass. Sorry, that's what I was told to say.
    You are not my worldsmith!
    I refuse you, imposter!
    And did the mighty fleet of Cladd collapse into nothingness.
    An X on your own fate you did put.
    And did the Keen halls and lands lose luster and life, and were the marvels undone by their doom.
    And did the Skywrath peaks tumble down, engulfed in drowning pools.
    And did the Oglodi steppes lay in ruin as darkest lights turned all to vapor.
    And did the daemon realms shatter and crumble, if only ever so slightly later.
    Invaders must die.
    Us all being doomed, you are redundant.
    It is not you I speak of.
    Pitiful, truly pitiful.
    If this is your idea of intelligent design, then perhaps it is good that mine only I am allowed to know.
    Barbarians, this is what the powers that be call you.
    The eldritch abomination you call Omniscience is but a blot to the powers that be.
    The true intelligent design laughs at Obelis.
    And did the Wailing Mountains wail the dirge of the doomed world.
    And did the great book cease to turn its pages, and did the Celestials abandon the hopeless planes and hopeless kin.
    And did the Fundamental forces of the Universe crumble down before the ultimate design, and did all matter unravel.
    A dissident's fate is one shared with the lower ones.
    You are not what you claim to be.
    You dare insurge within matters outside of your own reach.
    This was the line, and you crossed it.
    And did few find refuge in walking fortresses of metal, hoping to endure the unleashing doom, and did their creations twist and burn.
    One who fears the tree forgets the root.
    You hear the wrong kind of voices. Mine are legit.
    And did the spirits of the Masked Ones sneer as the rest of the hopeless world rejoined them at the bottom.
    And did the Nightsilver Woods drown in putrid bile, and did the moon abandon its zealots.
    The powers that be disagree with your plan.
    Cunning hermit, hopeless fate.
    And did the marine empires writhe and scream as their riches erupted into steam.
    False prophets!
    I make false promises, and yet you are even less credible!
    This is my turf.
    Go fool someone else. I have an end of the world to foretell.
    And did... and did... oh I can't see anything, can someone fix the damn stream?
    It really was you, wasn't it.
    Why would they want their harbinger gone? It is not my place to ask.
    They say nothing of you... it is unnerving.
    And did everything he said come to pass.
    An understanding soul. Predictably gone mad.

    Meeting an Ally:
    I think we'll have to talk about this with our superiors.
    Isn't that too many a harbinger?
    Let me handle the doomed ones. They call you Devourer for a reason, don't they?
    Do not ignore me, Harbinger. Can you even hear me up there?
    A narrow range you've got. I cover destruction as well.
    We see the same threads.
    Always good to see a fellow realist.
    The foul nature will be dealt away with.
    The Universe is keeping an eye on you.
    Do not step out of line, Fundamentals.
    By right, you should answer to me. Yes, you. Are you even listening?

    Last Hitting:
    Insignificant, but currently imperative.
    Pay the augur.
    I don't work for free.
    Root of all evil.
    Devourer of nations.
    Into the light.
    Take what you can get.
    A death of no ultimate importance.

    Never be.
    Never meant it.
    No, that's not how it goes.
    Denial is the doom of you.
    Such an abrupt end.

    Ultimately insignificant.
    And did the visions stop.
    Dire ramifications.
    Faulty interpreter.
    I won't be there.
    The galaxies burn without me.
    They will forget me.
    I can't gather my thoughts...
    Another vision will begin...
    I can see... so much more.
    What was I...
    Why the pain?..
    This is too much.
    I have seen this, but not like this.
    This can't be true.
    Wrong so wrong.
    No, it can't be right, NO!
    It's in my head, it's in my head, it's in my head, it's in my head it's in my head it's in my head it's in my head

    Picking up Aegis of the Immortal:
    Such devices only complicate the true picture of our undoing.

    Using Aegis of the Immortal:
    And did the purifying augur rise again in rays of light!

    Oh, that will take some explaining.
    Fate moves in mysterious ways.
    Even death is insignificant in this world. It's doomed.
    Some ultimate demise this is.
    My mind skipped for a second... where was I?
    Not even death stops the visions.
    You learn to welcome it.
    An annoyance to powers that be, but I will turn it against the opposers.

    I see... absolutely nothing. Wait, I just forgot to open my eyes.
    Only omens, omens on omens oversee overarching omninous omens.
    I once had a thought, and it was like if a thousand voices cried out in the darkness. I can't stop having it.

    Courageous are the ways of the ultimate design!
    Hail to fire and welcome the end!
    A victory for the universal powers!

    It is as it was told, death and destruction!
    The last bastion falls, and doom looms over us!
    Worst prediction ever.

    In The Bag:
    And did the sky fall down on the unworthy, and did the oceans boil into vaporous nothingness, and did the air grow thick with toxic putridness, and did the dead come for the living, and were the elements rejoined, and did vile liquids pour down on the sour land, and were the last bastions of refuge beaten and flogged, and and was creation undone, and was there a new beginning, and was there a new end, and was this all IN THE BAG!

    Things Going Well:
    Oh that is not good.
    No, that is not good at all.
    Oooooh, auuuugh.
    No-no-no-no-no, so wrong.
    That is not how that should be.
    Oh I don't like this.
    I don't like this one bit.
    Something's rotten.
    Oh why does it have to be like this?
    I want to go baaack.
    There's a catch, there must be a catch.
    The voices tell me this is wrong.
    Pooowers, maybe we got something wrong?.. No?.. Okay...

    Things Going Badly:
    Oh I saw this just this way.
    Yeeees, according to plan.
    All is how it should be.
    Like a perfect mural.
    My auguries stand perfectly corrected.
    Such wonderful portens!
    I'm on quite a spree.
    We're going to go far.
    A wonderful turn of events.
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    I like it, to be honest I wouldn't expect less than a great job from someone like you. Perhaps the thing with the game going well/bad might not be all that great, but overally it's pretty good. I mean, an Ancient wouldn't choose someone that wouldn't want to do his best to "win", that's like playing on Russian servers. Or perhaps the Ancient knows more than we can see? Interesting thought. Oh and I especially like those tiny references scattered around.
    Originally posted by vladhood
    boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow


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      Casting Purifying Flames on Self:
      Oh, canyouturnitdown.

      Lel :P

      Originally posted by Phoenix.
      2013: 10 heroes, 3 reworks, 4 events, hats, 1 arcana and TI
      2014: 4 heroes, 2 events, 2 arcanas, hats, 1 rework and TI.
      Lazyness. Not to mention the lack of bugfixes, and the amount of new ones with each new content added

      Credits to Phoenix.


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        And did... and did... oh I can't see anything, can someone fix the damn stream?

        RIP Dota 2 Artstyle & Lore - Long live shitty cosmetics!


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          I would personally cut the wacky part a great deal. The lines like 'ohmygodithurts' make him a lot like timbersaw, i.e. a comic lunatic, something that doesn't really fit someone who saw the end of everything, at least imo. I would also add a short intro to his lore, like what he was like before the fateful day when his powers of precognition were bestowed upon him in order to show just how sudden his fall to madness was (although this would conflict with some parts of the lore).

          Nothing to add apart from that. The lines which detail the end of certain heroes are a nice touch, although some of them seem a bit too long.


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            I would personally cut the wacky part a great deal
            Well, that is the point. Personally, my standpoint in the whole thing regarding his origin? He's just completely insane, probably possessed by something. He does, however, have tremendous magic powers. It's left to interpretation, and sometimes hinted at (see some kill and ally lines for instance) to keep the duality up. Maybe I have played too much Timbersaw, but, yeah, that was the intended personality. He'd be an OD expy if not for that, and that'd mean that I'd need to come up with something original, and that ain't right.

            That is also why it isn't properly stated who he was - he has already forgotten that, he's nuts and bolts. Or... is he? He might just as well be.

            Also comes as a resolution of the Ancient question. They would totally pick up a powerful magician who might be just a 99% insane if they could sway his frail mind to fight on their side.

            Or maybe the herold of the impending doom could interfere with the balance of things and perhaps insert himself for his own reasons.

            Besides, regarding his goofiness, I was thinking him up with Nolan North in mind; nearly all of his heroes, Shadow Demon aside, have some parts serious and some parts ridiculously derpy. It's a nice contrast, sometimes, and sometimes it's a bit annoying (I'm looking at you, Gyrocopter). And speaking of the race fates... have you noticed that everything seems to end in an entirely different scenariom, often incompatible with others? It being on the same plane of existance? Hmm.
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              Valve likes some humour but mentioning a stream i highly doudt. But it is a very clever concept to have him know all about everyone except OD since he is an enigma... more than you know... enigma...
              However i don't think he should have lines for basically everything and you should maybe think about the ones that make sense and improve on them, quality not quanity, I personally think that

              Timber, OD, Natures, DP, and maybe Elder titan, I dont understand why no ally lines for natures, why not

              "Oh so you can for tell a seed will grow into a tree?... I don't think thats a power you alone possess..."
              "Tequoia, both of us predict many lives will end this day... No im not talking about trees!"
              "And to think you use tangos... heretic!"
              "I wasn't aware forcing trees to fight and perish was protecting them... oh it isn't."

              "Whats wrong, is it winter for you already?... Twas predictable."
              "decompose and grow anew, Stopping this cycle is irritating"
              "Did my flames do too much damage compared to their healing properties?"
              "...Maybe i shouldn't have healed you with fire..."
              "I failed to fortell how flamable you really are..."

              it would be funny if he did mock nature's pointless title, he doesn't really predict anything that no one can already tell...

              Oh and there NEEDS to be a line for treeant:

              "Come back here, I'm trying to heal you, Promise!"

              Oh you should also have an ally line for doom

              " Don't bothering telling people their doomed, Thats my job now."
              "Speak of the devil, I was just talking about you!"
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                And did... and did... oh I can't see anything, can someone fix the damn stream?
                Doesn't sound like something they would put in. The rest is tippy-toppers.
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                  umm, they not say, oracle will be a woman?


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                    I love it, though I reckon with all this reference to the end of the world, there is so much room for rival or ally lines with Ancient Apparition.
                    "By my horns, you'll not live to see the dawn!"


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                      Originally posted by Siegfried View Post
                      umm, they not say, oracle will be a woman?
                      It is uncertain. Oracle can be woman or be man, we do not know yet.

                      Originally posted by Phoenix.
                      2013: 10 heroes, 3 reworks, 4 events, hats, 1 arcana and TI
                      2014: 4 heroes, 2 events, 2 arcanas, hats, 1 rework and TI.
                      Lazyness. Not to mention the lack of bugfixes, and the amount of new ones with each new content added

                      Credits to Phoenix.


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                        Valve likes some humour but mentioning a stream i highly doudt
                        Well, I can't match Valve, not really, that's just my best attempts. In my eyes, it's borderline, but possible, they've done worse, with space cows and everything.

                        And I did promise lots and lots of rival lines so the only way for me was to ultimately deliver; there are even more but I left them out as these cover most aspects, maybe I've gone overboard with race-based ones. A good point regarding AA, I might want to add something if something floats by. Additionally, I'm still missing some sections such as runes, so those will come as well.

                        umm, they not say, oracle will be a woman?
                        That is very much intellectually questionable, unreliable and currently far from true.
                        Heroes this user should seriously reconsider ever picking again.


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                          Originally posted by <VeCo> View Post
                          And did... and did... oh I can't see anything, can someone fix the damn stream?


                          This was pretty damn good man, but TOO MANY rivals lines for my taste
                          PAS HALL OF FAME


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                            Originally posted by 1337_n00b View Post

                            That is very much intellectually questionable, unreliable and currently far from true.

                            maybe, told me this, he and auroth would women, due to sexism

                            but I think the volvo does not make the same mistake twice

                            of course this is much better


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                              [My english is not good. So sorry if I misunderstood something.]

                              The story is good. I like characters who suffer mentally, especially when it comes to trying to find out something about themselves.

                              But... I still can't see him. I know W3 model (which I don't like) and I hope Valve try something different from a regular wizard. I can't see him coming out only with this lore.

                              He could be a semighost human who struggles to avoid oblivion. He knows what happened and what will happen with everybody/thing (past, present and future) - but don't know about himself, don't know how he become a semighost. His frustration floats between the foretold vision of everything, but none to himself. As a medic officer in a war camp: he knows what suffering will see and he is sick and full of it, but can't say when his time will come.

                              With such personality, I can see Sam A. Mowry (like Warlock or Necrophos) as voice actor for him.