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Real characters or words on cosmetics

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  • Real characters or words on cosmetics

    What do you think of real life words on cosmetics, like cantonese chinese?
    What would be your reaction if you see letters or words coming
    from non latin languages, like japanese, russian, hebrew, arabic, on cosmetics?
    (and what would be the asian reaction over latin characters on dota2 cosmetics?)

    I'm very tempted to use RL words in the Spring 2014 contest items but
    i think a lot of Korean, Japanese reaction over this... Or am i just overreacting?

  • #2
    So long as they weren't offensive I think it's fine. Especially chinese characters since it IS their New Year celebration. I see nothing wrong with it.
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    • #3
      Letters or words are okay to me. Especially seeing how I'm a racist asshole to whom all those hyeroglyphics could as well be Klingon. For all we know, these languages exist in the world and that could work. But it's a stretch.
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      • #4
        Cosmetics have always been considered semi-canon so I don't see much harm in that.

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        • #5
          Doesn't Earth Spirit have chinese characters on his base model?
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          • #6
            Originally posted by <VeCo> View Post
            Doesn't Earth Spirit have chinese characters on his base model?
            No, those are made up characters that were intended to resemble those of Oriental countries.

            From the absolutely artstyle-nazi standpoint, using the RL characters should not be allowed - if you let the Eastern characters through you may as well allow the use of the Western languages on the cosmetics, and that is more of a grey zone for some players. The world of Dota has its own made-up language that consists of some weird-looking symbols - you can check them out in Archronicus.

            With that being said, using the RL characters will actually be fine: most of the Western players won't recognize these characters and will be fine with them as long as they fit the theme and design. Meanwhile Eastern players tend to welcome their culture entering the game's universe no matter if it ruins the original style of the game (one of the reasons why every more or less popular oriental game ends up with ridiculous out-of-place cosmetics). So go ahead, make the characters be an integral and fitting part of your cosmetics and you will succeed.
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            • #7
              I would be more interested in what you're going to write than the language you're using. If it fits, makes sense, then why not?


              • #8
                Worst case scenario, you can just say it's a character from the Dota universe and any semblance of real world characters is purely coincidental.