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Discussion: Is Kunkka a Ghost?

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  • Discussion: Is Kunkka a Ghost?

    Ahoy, crew.
    I write articles for DotaCinema every week about lore, and this week was Kunkka and Tidehunter, their relationship and some brief speculation on whether or not Kunkka is a ghost.
    After all, we all know that his fleet was sunk, and he with it. However, writing the article got me thinking...
    Is Kunkka a ghost?

    Now, I know the obvious inclination to say Of course he's a sodding ghost! but let's look at the facts:

    Kunkka is known to have sunk, but it's left ambiguous if he was killed; even Tidehunter's not entirely sure.
    Kunkka does not resemble any of the ghostly characters present in Dota 2; Wraith King and Death Prophet are the prime candidates here.
    • Ghosts seem to primarily be opaque to semi-transparent, with clearly pale features, ghostly-coloured skin (that would be ranging from greenish-blue to light green). Kunkka is normal-coloured.
    • Ghosts are in some way forced into eternal life, which Kunkka doesn't at any point bring up.
    • Ghosts specific to the sea are, according to legend, invisible. Kunkka is visible. Shadow Blade doesn't count.

    Kunkka at no point mentions having died; that said, he doesn't mention his ships sinking either, so maybe he's embarrassed.
    Tidehunter does say "I thought I left you at the bottom of the sea".
    Kunkka has command over a ghost ship.
    Kunkka has a possessed sword.
    Kunkka seems (cursed?) to remain in some way related to the sea. This could well mean that he's forced in a ghostly manner to stay mentally with what killed him, or what he was one with in life.

    With these things (and a few others, I guess) in mind, either conclusion could be reached. I came to the conclusion in my article that he's a ghost, but I'd love to see what others think.

    So what say you, community?

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    Didn't we have this discussion before?


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      he's a dragon knight


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        I don't think we did.

        Kunkka's backstory is sort of told through the items - some of the sets mention that after whatever happened, he got washed up on Keen shores and now actually commands several ships with a Keen crew, at least he used to. It is almost as if the sea spat him back out... only we don't know just what the flying faff really happened there. Did he just manage to miraculously survive in the chaos and the wreckage and happily sail away on a plank? Did the Cataract daemons have a hand in this (daemons love portals)? Does Maelrawn himself have a plan? Or is there even more to his survival, was he brought back to life by some forces? Or, lastly, is he just a new brand of ghost - new and improved, now 100% less transparent?

        We can not be sure, but after having thought of this, I'm becoming doubtful of my decision to definitely call him a ghost in the sticky thread. Hm.
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          I don't want to believe he's a ghost. I imagine him that he might be saved/rescued by his old-time ancestors that sank in the incident of "The Summoning Sea" (It's my own fantasy thought that they might be his ancestors.) and then he retrieved the ghostly power of his ancestors or maybe from his old fleet that sank into the bottom of the sea, as Tidehunter mention.

          And yeah! as 1337_n00b mentioned about the set's lore about Kunkka and the Keen crew, I like that story a lot
          And this set is my favorite set too. As he set afoot on the shore, back to his old country Claddish,dragging a tentacle ripped from Maelrawn the Tentacular.

          (P.S.- Sorry for my poor English)
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              I don't think he's a ghost. Maybe he just survived and now seek revenge. That's why Tidehunter says "I thought I left you at the bottom of the sea" but seems that didn't happen after all.


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                If Kunkka's a ghost, why can't he walk through walls? Checkmate, atheists.


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                  It is left up to imagination, you can think whatever you want.
                  I guard the rear.


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                    Originally posted by Assguard View Post
                    It is left up to imagination, you can think whatever you want.
                    The only two clearly ghost on the game are Wraith King and Death Prophet. And they are green themed. I'm pretty sure Kunkka is not a ghost.


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                      Originally posted by Noo View Post
                      Didn't we have this discussion before?

                      I clearly remember it.

                      upd: probs other forums, who knows.
                      You're only as strong as your weakest link.
                      -Thomas Reid


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                        Originally posted by HyperioN. View Post
                        The only two clearly ghost on the game are Wraith King and Death Prophet. And they are green themed. I'm pretty sure Kunkka is not a ghost.
                        What's your definition of ghost?

                        Originally posted by soprof View Post

                        I clearly remember it.

                        upd: probs other forums, who knows.
                        Probably not, I don't go to other forums.


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                          Originally posted by Noo View Post
                          What's your definition of ghost?
                          It's not about my definition of a ghost. It's about the definition of the game about a ghost, and seems pretty clear for me.


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                              Where is ghost defined in the Dota 2 lore?