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Discussion: What is it like in the Narrow Maze?

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  • Discussion: What is it like in the Narrow Maze?

    We all know the Narrow Maze, the twisting paths between life and death set in the Underscape, but by its very nature we have no idea what the actual location is like.

    Where is it? How is it furnished? Is it clean-cut, or does it take the form of roughly-hewn caves?
    (Years ago when I first read Razor's lore I pictured the maze as looking a bit like Mars from the Looney Tunes cartoon, but made of lightning. I'm not entirely sure why.)

    We know that its only occupants are a being of lighting, and beings of rock. However, Razor is theorised to physically represent the force that pushes people to their afterlives, while the gargoyles dotting the Maze can hardly be said to be alive at all, let alone native denizens. They apear to live only as bound spirits.

    Some of what we know is this:
    The only picture we have that MIGHT be of the Narrow Maze is in Visage's hero splash screen, which shows us some rocky and dark environments.
    The entrance is stone, and capped by Visage when he is inactive, alongside many of his gargoyles.
    The sun will never shine light on the Narrow Maze, so it is very cold.
    It is apparently accessible to the living, as well as possible to exit by the dead - thus, it may have a physical entrance in the real world.
    It may or may not be a different dimesion.
    It is a maze indeed, with many exits - some nice stairs or ramps or cave holes, some nasty pitfalls to Hell.

    Any thoughts on the Narrow Maze? Where it may be, or how it might seem?
    Similarly, any ideas on what may live in the Narrow Maze other than Razor and the guarding gargoyles?
    What is the difference between the Narrow Maze and the Underscape?
    Are there any other questions we can ask?

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    So we can say it has a dark/blue atmosphere without sunshine. Like mine dungeons in MMORPG's.
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      I believe the Maze is a dark world, and according to the Armor of the Twisted Arc's description:
      The Narrow Maze is lined with sharpened blades, but not the slightest scratch mars the surface of this hardened armor.
      So the Narrow Maze may either have razor sharp earth spikes, or stuff that look similar to Blade Mail's spikes jutting out of the walls.

      Also, according to Visage, he said:
      "I have watched the dead cross over for an eternity. Many have I seen pass below, and beyond: kings and tyrants, peasants and knights, creatures large and small."
      So therefore, I think a majority (if not all) souls go to the Maze after death, who are then sorted out by "own innate intelligence, cunning and persistence".


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        Oh fresh found, can there be a connection between Phantom Assasin and Visage? Because Visage says: "I'm the guardian of the Veil" and Phantom Assasin is from Sisters of the Veil. Are they talking about the same Veil or?


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          Originally posted by torgonudho View Post
          Oh fresh found, can there be a connection between Phantom Assasin and Visage? Because Visage says: "I'm the guardian of the Veil" and Phantom Assasin is from Sisters of the Veil. Are they talking about the same Veil or?
          Maybe .... maybe it is just a response cuz why not.

          Wait, there is also Veiled Oracles, so O.O

          Originally posted by Phoenix.
          2013: 10 heroes, 3 reworks, 4 events, hats, 1 arcana and TI
          2014: 4 heroes, 2 events, 2 arcanas, hats, 1 rework and TI.
          Lazyness. Not to mention the lack of bugfixes, and the amount of new ones with each new content added

          Credits to Phoenix.


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            Arc Warden will be from the Narrow Maze I hope