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Discussion: Why is Chen dressed up as a tower?

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  • Discussion: Why is Chen dressed up as a tower?

    Why hello!

    As discussed in my latest Uninitiated article (ahem ahem), Chen appears to be dressed in a manner remarkably and distinctly similar to the construction and architecture of the buildings seen magically defending the Radiant Ancient; we know them as towers.

    Compare them: prominent white and gold, with glowing blue gemstones which, as far as I can tell, stand as a magical source of power. A similar shape framing both the face of Chen and the "face" of the tower. And, of course, most notable of all - Chen's prominent head crest, a crown of white and silver with blue gemstones lodged in four places, somewhat resembling a fan. Both Chen and the towers have these distinct head crests, a helmet on one, carved into the stone of the other.

    This cannot be a coincidence, gentlemen! Whatever does this tell us of both the Knights of the Fold, and the far more immediate religion of the Ancient itself?

    Was the complex, now-ruined temple around the Ancient built by Knights of the Fold? Are the Creeps that follow the Ancient these very Knights, mutated by its magic?
    Do the Knights worship the Ancient or was this started by a group gone rogue who decided to use their architecture?
    Is it a total coincidence and I am completely crazy?!

    Discuss, friends!

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    We need a tower lore asap.


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      Well it may very well be, since the Knights of the Fold do use violence and 'conversion' through violence very much the same way the the Radiant would very much like. As for the creeps, still no idea where they come from. If they are 'converted' Knights of the Fold then they are quite plenty and inexhaustible, so by that I think creeps may come from a different more renewable source altogether. And if they are indeed the previous Knights of the Fold, what made Chen so special as to be immune to this 'conversion'. Let's re-examine this appearance-wise.


      Some similar features yes, especially the recurring 'fan' motif, color scheme, and blue gems. Certainly possible that they are related in more ways than just appearance, but we have little else to go on at the moment.


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        My post is pure speculation.
        From Chen's responces you can see that he is constantly referring to some entety called Obelis. If Obelis is a corrupted form of word "obelisk", then we have a tower-like structure. So maybe, Knights of the Fold had some sort of obligation to the Ancient, so they sent one of their best warriors and created defensive structures shaped like their Obelis.
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