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Lanaya - Templar Assassin Lore Orings and Future?

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  • Lanaya - Templar Assassin Lore Orings and Future?


    Although it is true that I am a complete noob in Dota. No denying that. However my main passion for Dota is two things. Learning about lore, and making Dota 2 Cosmetic items.

    I read everything there is to know about Lanaya, how she was (in Dota 1) a servant of the Protoss and so Aiur. Which is also seen in Dota 2 as she covers the mouth and also has Psi Blades. However right now I need to know more about Lanaya.

    First of all, her origins, who she was before all of this. I need to know about the violet archives as well - what was it exactly. Then speculations that right now who are the hidden ones now? can I still consider them aliens, or do i have to go with extradimensional beings? and thirdly, how advance can lanaya be? does she always have to wear rags and cloth? or can she for instance get a little magical and technical boost to her attire, being not only modern but rather alien and futuristic?

    What do I hope to achieve here. To justify that Lanaya can be futuristic in one of two ways:
    + Artifacts she could have stumbled upon in the violet archives. that could essentially augment her powers in ways beyond magic. Combining Technology and Nature bending magic as one.
    + Or The hidden ones are justifies as Aliens and would give TA a set of out worldly gadgets.

    Help would be really appreciated. Free items (preferably the set itself if it comes out) for the one who genuinely helps out.

    Thank you.

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    Which is also seen in Dota 2 as she covers the mouth and also has Psi Blades.
    Not really, not even remotely. Her mouth is visible with some cosmetics, and the Psi Blades are only similar in name.

    Prior to becoming the Assassin - hell if anyone knows. Seems that she was more of a Lara Croft-esque character prior to being recruited.

    The Archives are, apparently, a part of the Violet Plateau research center. That's where Tinker worked, and that's where everything went to absolute scrap. Answering your other question, this is the only part that could possibly justify giving her any advanced technology. All in all, it is not a great idea to do so. The connection is miniscule, and tech as a theme does not fit with TA's design.

    The Hidden ones are hidden for a reason. They probably aren't corporeal, though, that's my personal view on them. Just don't touch them, they're mysterious for a reason.

    All in all, tech is less preferable, more otherworldy stuff is better. Knowing the Hidden Ones, they might as well be interested in the affairs of alien worlds.
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      I sent a PM would you kindly reply?


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        One of the responces you have to take into consideration and change your view about "What temple" may be This And her blades are capable of being piercing trough the minds of their enemyes because they can't handle the truth... Or something like that