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What race are the Techies supposed to be?

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  • What race are the Techies supposed to be?

    There are no goblins or dwarves in the Dota 2 universe, the keen-folk replaced them. Everyone knows that. Nobody knows why Valve got rid of the orcs and the goblins and replaced them with oglodi and keen, but we know that it's so.
    Because they are based on the goblins of WarCraft, the keen-folk are really similar to them, both in design and story. But what really sets them apart is their skin color. Goblins are green and keen are purpleish/blueish (I'm partially colorblind).

    So what is this?

    Techies, for some strange reason are yellow, so they are not goblin or keen. So what are they? The big guy looks like a greevil, but the rest are basically yellow keen-folk.

    Are the textures still being worked on, or did someone screw up? Looks pretty final to me, so what gives?

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    It was disscused before, and people agreed that Valve introduced Oglodi and Keen to sound original. As for Techies, I think it is safe to assume that it isn't their final model.
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      Well, that I didn't expect. Someone still knows enough of English grammar to realize that Techies should be referred to as "they" and not "he".

      Since goblins don't exist, the closest call is the small keen species (not to be confused with the keen folk). Tsaw and Alchemist are smallkeens, and the Techies are pretty similar to Tsaw. The different hide and body bulk are probably just regional attributes.
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        I mean come on.... Wait for their lore first, then ask for questions... Deal?


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          I'm not the only one who have a doubt and confuse about his race then. I will be waiting him come out then we will make discussion again.
          No keen folk is yellow so far in Dota2 and Smeevill is green. What are the yellow creatures?


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            OP, have you checked Gyrocopter? He is a keen but with a different colour from the other Keens. And for humans? Check for Chen - LC - Windranger - Juggernaut ( though he may not be human :X). Also check Invoker and Lanaya, the two - whatevertheracetheyare - also have different colours. And for Oglodi, check the difference between Axe and Warlock. I think same can be applied easily to the Techies trio.

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              valve does not really care about those little details such as the color pattern of a race as other stories / games

              you can see how there are so many color differences, and physical differences of trolls in dota2


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                Originally posted by Siegfried View Post
                valve does not really care about those little details such as the color pattern of a race
                And why exactly other races can't follow humans and actually have multiple skin colours? Is it forbidden by some Fantasy Purity Act?


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                  Looks really good to me, so I don't know what the problem is. Maybe they are half-breeds or evolved forms, does it really matter?
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                    Techies are yellow simply because they are unfinished. Small Keens are pinkish in color. In Timbersaw's in-progress portrait he was also yellow. This is a good color for an in-development hero because it is easier to see what you're working on whether you are colorblind or not. He will be changed to pink when finalized, just like Timbersaw.


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                      You know what? Their final model actually kind of resembles trolls.

                      The stocky build suits the trolls we see in the forest, alongside the ear and skull shape, not to mention the jutting upward-pointing tusks and odd skin colour.
                      They also have quite deep voices, unlike all Keen known so far. Even Clockwer has a rather high voice, whereas Spleen has the highest vice of all three.

                      Then there's their names, which don't seem to follow any prior-seen naming convention... but then, who does?

                      I'm not saying they're trolls... but if they are, I totally called it.