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MY humble nerfs about current OP heroes.

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  • MY humble nerfs about current OP heroes.

    Keep that in mind those nerfs are my humble opinions, I will keep adding and bumping everytime I add new hero before patch comes out. Thanks for reading, NO FLAM IN CHAT PLIZ GUAYS.

    Doom > He can't use Doom on one target twice in a row --- He can not cast 2nd doom (the doom comes from refresh) w/o first one away from Doom himself by 300 area.

    Void > Base armor reduced by 2 --- his bactrack can not dodge pure skills (timber,bane, invoker,omni maybe pudge good vs him now.) --- heroes and units that out side of crono deals %20 less damage.

    Death Prophet > Exorcism deals random damage between 20-70 to random target(priority on hero that has lowest health) --- Crypt Swarm travels %50 slowly now.

    Tinker > Laser miss duration reduced to 2 second --- the amount of MoM parts(the once that deals damage) reduced by %35 --- Rearm costs 250 on each level and channeling time 2 seconds on each level.


    Man! You find courage in yourself to search games on EU servers, you try to be nice to russians, you struggle to resist the urge to punch them in the face, and for what? For some ranked points. #NotWorth

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    Wrong site bro, playdota is for balance discussion.
    Thank you IceFrog, Valve and Dota 2 team for everything you doing for Dota 2 community.


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      I think dota2dev is now also for balance discussion. Since the parity for DotA comes a long time after Dota 2 is updated.
      OT: Awful suggestions.


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        post this in misc, this is not the place for it.

        Originally posted by Phoenix.
        2013: 10 heroes, 3 reworks, 4 events, hats, 1 arcana and TI
        2014: 4 heroes, 2 events, 2 arcanas, hats, 1 rework and TI.
        Lazyness. Not to mention the lack of bugfixes, and the amount of new ones with each new content added

        Credits to Phoenix.


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          Well I waited some mods take this toic to the misc but everyone is sleeping. Anyways I am opening there to get some flames whatever.
          Man! You find courage in yourself to search games on EU servers, you try to be nice to russians, you struggle to resist the urge to punch them in the face, and for what? For some ranked points. #NotWorth


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            Since the thread has already been remade in the appropriate section, no need to keep this one open. Closing this.
            To keep these forums clean and friendly, please read and follow the forum rules.
            Before making a new thread, be sure to have used search, as well as checking the stickies of the appropriate section.

            Lore moderator.