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Scions of the Sky (Draft)

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  • Scions of the Sky (Draft)

    Hello Dota 2 community,

    As a Dota 2 player, I am however extremely interested in the story of Dota 2, including the lore, voice lines, etc... Therefore, I am trying to write a fan fiction. However, English is not my native language, and I don't know if my writing style is good. Therefore, I am uploading two first chapters of my currenly writing novel (?), I would like to recieve your sincere feedbacks.

    Thank you in advanced.


    Silver Scion - Birthright Denial
    Ghastly Eyrie, stands tall and proud beyond the Peaks of Nishai. It is said that the place homing the Skywrath Scions was made when Earthshaker became flesh and his totem fell upon him. However, any Skywraths will ready to argue that with their hot-tempered spirit. To them, Goddess Avilliva Scree'auk made everything, from the first Skywrath generation to their roosts, from the legendary black-wing Shaldera, to the to-be-crowned Shendelzare.
    Even on the highest place beyond the Mad Moon Ancients’ influence, power was still possessed as a great asset upon the people. But whatever reason it was, politics, power or vengeance, Gondar the Bounty Hunter cared none, but only business. Shadow walking through the great hall of the highest roost, he quickly ensnared Shendelzare in the enchanted net made by Elves of Nightsilver Wood.
    Rendered motionless in the enchantment, Shendelzare could not even asked the assassin, her anger rose greatly, infused in countless doubts about the lesser being standing beside her. Without needlessly haste, Gondar rose the glaive at her, speaking his usual final sentence to the victim “Just business, nothing personal”. But she quickly made a covenant with Goddess Scree'auk, to tear her wings away, thus making her no longer a Skywrath, and the enchantment was no longer effective.
    Quickly escaped, ran through the hall and fall over from the high roost, while Scree’auk finished the final part of the covenant, changing Shendelzare into a Spirit, a Vengeful Spirit. For now, she is under the ultimate humiliation: to walk on foot, and can never reach the high roost, where her sister was crowned instead.

    Amber Scion – Unaccepted Love
    Empyrean, original from Shaldera, passed among the greatest Skywrath Mage.
    Dragonus, blessed by Scree'auk, possesses the greatest arcane power ever known.

    Empyreanize ceremony, the legendary
    Holding it there, Princess Shen-del-za-ree
    Dragonus, swearing his honor oath,
    “Protecting whom, the Nest of Thorns on”.

    First time seeing Her Highness,
    First time his heart pounds,
    Scree’auk blessing, for Her for him.
    Empyrean relic, She passed to him.

    Protecting my love,
    What could be burden?
    With no oath even,
    Love all I given.

    For Her sake only,
    Non - stop in study,
    Arcane is my key,
    Whatever it be,
    I will stand ready.
    Her Highness will be pleased.

    Cruel oath binding,
    Her sister reigning,
    How he be using,
    If known be rebelling?

    (still continued, but I only upload up here, because I haven't found the suitable words for the remaining parts yet.)
    Last edited by illserveu; 08-19-2014, 05:51 AM. Reason: Bigger size, for easier reading.