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Oracle Lore (Suggestion)

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  • Oracle Lore (Suggestion)

    I am new here and I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, I apologize if it isn't.

    Anyway, just a suggestion on what Oracle's lore might look like in DOTA 2.

    Nerif was a prince of the Solar Throne, the younger brother of his sister Mirana. When she announced her intention to give away her birthright as heir, Nerif was both annoyed and dismayed. Part of it was because he had no plans of taking the throne as well, but more importantly, his sister's decision to abdicate was a sign of bad things to come.

    For you see, Nerif was an Oracle, someone gifted with the rare ability to see, and manipulate, the strands of destiny woven within a person's existence.

    Long ago when they were still children, he saw a terrible future, one where the Solar Throne lay in ruins, and his sister lay dead, surrounded by creatures from another world. Though horrified at what he saw, he dismissed it as nothing more than a trick of the light, and forgot about it. It was only when Mirana revealed her true intentions that he began to recall that fateful day, and realized that the events depicted in his vision were beginning to unravel.

    And so he trained, travelling the world to seek guidance under other seers. His journeys have greatly enhanced his skills, in the hopes that one day, he can save his sister from her fate, and alter destiny itself.

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    I wouldn't say no to that tbh.


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      It could be better, of course.


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        Another idea:

        Rumors abound of a man who wanders the earth, carrying nothing but a staff and the clothes on his back. Those who had the courage to talk to him will find that he's quite a pleasant fellow, and for a small price, he will offer to peer into his guest's destiny. The ones who have accepted the offer often find themselves irrevocably changed. Sometimes they find themselves cured of all illnesses, after a bout of great pain. Other times they become resistant to magic, at the cost of sensitivity to all other sensation. And for those who seek to harm him, they leave with nothing but agony and their magic gone.

        On rare occasions, he is seen accompanied by a woman, deathly pale and with ghastly spirits circling around them. Theories have claimed that he was a friend of the woman while she was alive and was merely keeping her company. Still others say she is a seer as well, the two of them plucking the strands of destiny for an unknown cause. Whatever the truth is, he and the Death Prophet have a connection that death itself cannot break.

        No one knows who he is, or even his name. Locals have given him the nickname "Nerif", after Nirvana, the end of suffering. What his goals are and where his powers come from are a mystery either. But for Nerif, it is but a touch of destiny.


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          I've added (Suggestion) to the thread title so it'll be easier to differentiate between suggestions and official lore (since official lore threads are also named '<Hero> lore').

          On that note, I do quite like the idea of a connection with Mirana.
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          Lore moderator.


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            Thank you.

            Somehow I imagined the Solar Throne to be a gleaming castle filled with scholars and seers, and since destiny is usually portrayed as a light of some kind, I thought it would be nice for Nerif to have some kind of connection with Mirana.
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              "I'm all for moderation, but sometimes it seems, moderation itself can be a kind of extreme."


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                I was listening to some Hero responses, when I found this particular voice line in Mirana's responses.

                Whether or not the line has some kind of relevancy is a mystery.
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                  Personally I'd enjoy ''Oracle'' as something dire, skeletal and ghastly.
                  His spells certainly would for some really eerie and spooky effects - rather than being a holy healer.


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                    Hmmm... Outcast sibling, perhaps? Exiled from his home for his un-sunny powers? Desperately trying to warn a family that refuses to listen to him? Can't stop talking in questions?