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Lore Discussion: Who Is Tiny?

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  • Sir Mountebank
    Ancient world-building tool long since freed of it's original programming?

    The simultaneous existence of Earth Spirit and Earthshaker lead me to believe that Elemental Spirits do not exist in the same state as Living Spirits. Rather, they exist in a gestalt state, at once both a single entity and several separate ones. Earthshaker, once a part of the Greater Earthen Spirit, developed individuality on his own, but did not achieve a truly singular existence until he incarnated himself in a living body. Earth Spirit, conversely, was separated/focused into the jade statue of General What's-His-Guts, and because individual existence is alien to Elementals he took on the personality and individuality of the man the statue was based on.

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  • testuser8
    He is a rock.

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  • frettory
    He is the only survivor of a civilization of Stone Giants. That civilization got Echo Slammed by Earthshaker because Earthshaker wanted the Gravelmaw.

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  • illserveu
    Earth Spirit knows.

    "I was going to explain your origins, but you died too quickly. Ah well."

    "Tiny, when this battle ends, I will tell you of your true nature."

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  • Isangman0
    In Elder Titan's lines, he mentioned that the artisans who made Tiny had no idea of what they created in him.

    "Tiny, the artisans knew not what they created in you. "

    That's made me to believe in the latter theory.

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  • Legion Commander
    Ask Earth Spirit, he knows.

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  • Nemzal
    started a topic Lore Discussion: Who Is Tiny?

    Lore Discussion: Who Is Tiny?

    A splinter fromm a golem's heel? A chip from the oracular visage of Garthos? Crafted by some master artificer? Summoned from another world by a wizard?
    Who is Tiny, the Stone Giant? Where does he come from?

    Not even Tiny knows for sure, and we certainly don't... but that doesn't mean we can't theorise.

    My recent article on Tiny mentions two theories about his origins - that he may be part of the Mad Moon, or that he may be a titan world-creation tool - but there are surely more.

    Maybe, to you, he's just a magic rock with a penchant for puns, or maybe he's a planet waiting to be born?


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