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Rubick's Alter Ego

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  • Rubick's Alter Ego

    I just realized what has always bugged me about "Are We Heroes Yet." Sithil, the tall, skinny, "thinking man" of the duo of crooks, now keeper of the Radiant side shop, looks just like the Grand Magus without his robes and mask. Seriously, it's all there. Rubick's tall, slender physique, his sticks-straight-up ponytail, even the sandals! I don't know what this means. Thoughts?

  • #2
    There is one problem with this theory - Sithil is running the Radiant side shop.

    He may be part of the same subspecies of humans, though.
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      Heh! I like this theory, it amuses me.

      I feel Rubick and Sithil are too different in personality though. I dunno about you but when I picture Rubick disguising himself as a common man I feel he'd cock it up a lot by being... Rubick.

      That said they could well be part of the same culture of origin, especially given Sithil's strange dres sense. He wears a tortoise shell for no apparet reason, just as Rubick dresses in green robes not unlike the composition of an aubergine.


      • #4
        If Sithil knows some magick, then the whole HQ that shows how he became a Shopkeeper doesn't fit... :/


        • #5
          What about some sort of time travel? This explain their coexistence.


          • #6
            If he is son of Aghanim then how is this possible?


            • #7
              Originally posted by Nemzal View Post
              (...) green robes not unlike the composition of an aubergine.
              ... You do know 'aubergine' is French for 'eggplant', right?

              Speaking of 'Are We Heroes Yet?', I have the sneaking suspicion that the Shopkeeper isn't actually human. It could just be the art style throwing me off, but I felt he was too big and, for lack of a better word, misshapen, to be human. Considering the setting though, it could very we'll be that there simply aren't that many pure examples of a species to be found. It could be the case that all three of them are classified as Human simply because there's more human in their ancestry than whatever it is that makes them so structurally different. Try skeleton mapping Sithil, Quirt, and the Shopkeeper. You'd have to be pretty drunk to find them all representative of a single species.


              • #8
                It could just be the art style throwing me off,
                It is. Valve tends to go for heavily stylised approaches in multiplayer games. Look at TF2, or to a lesser extent, Atlas and Peabody in Portal 2.

                He's human, although likely to be supernatural in some way or another. At the very least immortal or close to it.


                • #9
                  Originally posted by Sir Mountebank View Post
                  ... You do know 'aubergine' is French for 'eggplant', right?
                  Well yes. That was the point.
                  Not to mention, I've only ever heard them called Eggplants by Ameeericaaaans~


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by Nemzal View Post
                    Well yes. That was the point.
                    Not to mention, I've only ever heard them called Eggplants by Ameeericaaaans~
                    When you said 'green robes like an aubergine', I got confused.