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Axe remake?

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  • #91
    ALL the heroes look cartoony .... cmon now don't tell me you didnt notice pudge with his nice slick fonz look LOL

    honestly if they kept the exact same models but polished them up more to look good with the graphics .... this game would b epic .... seeing a dota 1 pudge in dota 2 (with beefed up graphics) would've been like a dream ....
    "Dota 2 will have LAN mode. There are some systems that LAN mode requires that we haven't finished yet, mainly because we've been focused on matchmaking. We know how important this feature is for the community"

    GUESS WHAT!!?!??!!??!
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    • #92
      Model wise i think he is the perfect, easily recognizable to the original concept.

      His lines i admit are a bit cartoonish for my liking, i dont think he should be all demonic sounding like in WC3 considering that he is not possessed or is related to anything demonic in dota2. I think taking more of a brutal soldier tone with his lines and voice would be fine. I think he should sound like a guy who beheaded his entire allied army as his backstory suggests. Remorseless and brutal.


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          Axe is awesome, don't touch.


          • #95
            for me axe is okay design-wise, just that i think he is a bit too well mannered to bid his enemies good day for someone who's siding with the dire.


            • #96
              Originally posted by Kaedy92 View Post
              for me axe is okay design-wise, just that i think he is a bit too well mannered to bid his enemies good day for someone who's siding with the dire.
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              Originally posted by uebok
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              • #97
                Please refrain from bluntly stating your opinion without any arguments, what is so "cartoonish" or "downplayed"? Are you talking about the model? the voice? the way he walks, the way he talks? The way he swings his axe around?

                Please be more specific, not for me tho. But for the fact that if you want Valve to actually do something, they need proper feedback first.


                • #98
                  Finally i found someone who thinks like me. Thank you. LOL and i agree to you. The most kids here in this forum find these retardish models "cool" :3 cute stuff here right naw


                  • #99
                    From the way he speaks, you may get the impression that Axe is slightly mentally impaired. His character used to be more cool-headed (hard not to be), and he looked down on opponents. Of course, this was all limited to the WC3 resources, in this case, the voice and model.
                    If you read his lore, he is still equally brutal, and I like him that way. But I will agree it is not very obvious from his lines.


                    • +1, all models should look like in dota 1 but ofc improved graphics.


                      • I think all they need to fix is Counter Helix. The move looks boring as hell, and resembles HoN's lame version as well. The spin in DotA 1 plus the spraying blood flying everywhere, plus the spin noise were all so much more satisfying.