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Realism Check no1.

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    Talking about fountain. In Dota 1, you can destroy it, even Crystal Maiden can freeze it for 5s. I don't know why VALVe or IceFrog make it invulerable in Dota 2. Icy can make them invulnerable in Dota 1, but he didn't.

    And to OP, stop this bullsh*t.
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      why doesn't radiant just nuke dire...??????????????????????? if sniper is in the game why do so many heroes use bow and arrow????????????????????????????


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        following the logic of indestructible defenses, the ancient is more likely powering the fountain. you could assume there was a rule that the power source couldn't be too close to it or that it was simply the weakest point in the construction and changing the design would mean uncovering another, more crucial weak point.

        in game you're forced to attack it from a certain direction with heroes and dumb creeps but lore-wise it needs to be protected from all directions, all kinds of attacks and sabotage. in that sense it makes sense to leave the still very well-guarded and clearly magical and huge ancient as the open point of the defense.

        actually now that i think of it maybe it's so far away from the fountain because the most likely way to bring it down without a huge army would be tricking the fountain into attacking it.
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          Originally posted by Okynous View Post
          So, stupid at that admitedly, but heres a plot hole I found.

          If Dire/Radiant have access to this super fast, devastating, and indestructable defense mechanism (their source); then why don't they have THAT defending their ancient?

          i cant believe someone tortures his mind with this kind of crap you're talking about realism in a game where people shoot lightballs from their sticks, make trees walk and fight and heal themselves by hitting others??

          to answer your question, because it's a game dude, and because fountain in front of an ancient would make it too hard to destroy.


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            Originally posted by shengar View Post
            And now this kind of stupid so-called-I-found-a-plothole thread
            Trying to mix up lore and game play/game never did anyone justice kid
            this is just too stupid. I hardly think the existence of this "fountain" when I'm do lore-ic talking
            oh please, if the ancient want victory that bad, why would they not just give all the item to their heroes? wouldn't that be more realistic?
            Dude. It's a joke. Why don't you lighten up a bit and get a life rather than raging in forums? Sheesh.


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              Originally posted by Okynous View Post
              Dude. It's a joke. Why don't you lighten up a bit and get a life rather than raging in forums? Sheesh.
              Hes not wrong, even if he could have stated them more calmly. You pointed out a plot-hole, in the lore feedback forums. No one is going to 'get' that its a 'joke', especially since you didnt say anything to that effect till later. If you want to do that, go to the playdota forums.
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                Originally posted by Hefaistus View Post
                The ancients get weaker the closer they get to each other. This is also visible in their tower designs. The outermost towers are the weakest, as they are the closest to the opposite ancient. Since the fountain tower is the furthest away from the enemy ancient, it is the strongest. They tried moving it closer, but those towers turned into the 4 tier towers we know these days and love taking down.
                I like this.
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