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Phantom Lancer (Suggestion for Lore)

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  • Phantom Lancer (Suggestion for Lore)

    So, I don't know what you guys were thinking of doing for Phantom Lancer, whether you were going to design him to be wielding something like a polearm, a harpoon/halberd, or a actual lance.

    The reason why I moved on to play the 6th edition, and didn't quit after 5.84c, was actually of how much I like Phantom Lancers play style, and how he related to the old Lancer from before Dota Allstars. Thus, he was my favorite Hero. I say this just so you know why I'm actually making this post.

    The way I always saw PL, was that of a polearm wielding, barbarian style fighter. When I say barbarian I mean Conan style barbarian, a good fighter with rogue attributes, and when I say polearm I mean the Hellenic style Dory. I know most ppl think of the Dory as a spear, but if you see some types of Dory they were actually huge in size and with a large cutting edge on the head of the Dory.

    Now about the illusions, there's many things you can come up with. One would be that he moves so quickly in the battle you can't distinguish who and how hes attacking. Of course then you might ask, how does the illusion do damage? Well you can say it is actually him doing the damage, but moves away so fast that you cant tell. Far fetched, but yet again so are other concepts, particularly that of Void.

    Anyway, that was just how I particularly saw PL and thought I would share; seeing that his lore is still in development.

    Please let me know what you think.


  • #2
    Everyone seems to love phantom lancer, I hope they release him in the next patch.


    • #3
      nah,they overpushed it with releasing heroes who got invis spells.
      Give us something different this time.


      • #4
        Originally posted by MajinCilos View Post
        Everyone seems to love phantom lancer, I hope they release him in the next patch.
        don't expect it, I want PL soon aswell but thse following weeks it's gonna be gyrocopter, lanaya, mortred and bane most likely
        Originally posted by daed
        This is another example as to why the developers should never seriously take in consideration any post on the dev forums.


        • #5
          Yes, I think it's clear that it will be a while till Lancer is released, which is why I made this post. To suggest certain traits on the hero now that he is in development.


          • #6
            I like the barbarian-look you proposed, i he becomes human i want his face to at least be painted blue, and maybe have white hair, to resemble the old model a bit
            Originally posted by daed
            This is another example as to why the developers should never seriously take in consideration any post on the dev forums.


            • #7
              I would be very upset if they made him "human" like the other human heroes already available. PL should stay a beast-man if at all possible, if not at the very least he should be similar to Juggernaut/Sven in some ways i.e masked. PL has always had the air of mystery around him. The images can play on the "so fast you see ghost images of him" idea. I think they would do well to get rid of the poof effect that was in dota 1 when one of the images was killed. The image should dissolve/fade when the image is killed. Would Make killing an image more demoralising than it already is Visually it should look like a sword/projectile going through thick dark purple tinted smoke.

              Animations and effects need to be spot-on, especially when generating images. I think that when a image is being generated via his ultimate, the generator should sort of motion blur from its current position to where the image will be generated several times quickly (imagine manta style), and should leave his image either where he started initially or end up where the image was going to be created. The beauty would be that you would not know which is the image and which is the original. In Dota 1, the image generation just popped up an image, that made it obvious which was original and which was the image. This plays back to the "too fast to see" idea he is based on and actually makes strategic sense. Please note that if this 'manta effect' is to work, it needs to play the effect much faster than manta style does. It needs to be very very quick, to avoid interrupting the 'generator's' current auto attack.

              The only thing visually that he needs, is to keep a sort of outlandish/barbarian look, and his spear/lance needs to not be too long. I agree with keeping the white/blue colour scheme, it really identifies with PL for many players. The beauty of PL is, he has not been 'borrowed' by any other MOBA game as far as I know. This is a real opportunity to make him a "must play" hero, if he is done right. Take your time with this one Valve!!!


              • #8
                So do you agree with the original post? Sorry I didn't get if you did.

                I agree with the outlandish/not human look though.


                • #9
                  Generally I do, I just dont want him to become a human And I shared some ideas on visual effects and slight mechanics changes to an ability of his. PL is my favourite Dota hero and I dont want him to end up generic in any way.


                  • #10
                    Agreed. I dont see him as a human type either. And yes, so far each character seems to be rather unique in their own way, and I have faith in Valve to do the same with PL. I can't wait for him to be released, but at the same time, like you said, they should definetly take their time with his lore and design.

                    Cheers mate.


                    • #11
                      In case he is still Beast-man, should he be Half-lion or half-leopard.
                      "HUMAN ELEMENT"