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Maelrawn the Tentacular, the Church Begins [Tidehunter]

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Isangman0
    Bah! I don't need no stinking rhyme!
    Your petty words will not save you when I come down and stab your face off!

    I am the Troll Warlord!
    I don't need some overgrown octopus telling me what to do!

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  • Teoinsanity
    Maelerawn and The keeper have lied
    Shades are the only true guide
    As for the tinkers
    We have more in common the you thinker
    As we are both feared
    As people fear what they no nothing about
    So join us
    Priests and shamans
    Science and shades
    To over throw the pathetic fish known as Maelerawn
    And the horrid light
    Last edited by Teoinsanity; 06-14-2014, 10:43 PM.

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  • Lord_Talron
    my lines rhyme
    even if its a stretch
    always take the time

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  • Hefaistus
    Originally posted by Hefaistus View Post
    [...] last year March.
    I am currently running a high fever, my throat is rather parch.

    Originally posted by Hefaistus View Post
    [...]people like you.
    Now shoo.

    Is that better,
    you rhyme-less fretter?

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  • Lord_Talron
    dont be a bore
    you have to rhyme
    even if you're a moderator

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  • Hefaistus
    I'm pretty sure that those tears are from your inability to notice that the last developer post in this thread was from last year March. Go have your bloody little circlejerk somewhere else, I don't take kindly to people like you.

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  • cRookie
    Moderators and devs posting on this thread while the real bugs and problems stay unanswered produce a tear in the corner of my eye..

    Keep it up gentlemen!

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  • Lord_Talron
    it seems to me in great folly you are
    for not speaking in prose
    so au-revoir!

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  • Darklycan51
    Basically Maelrawn is kinda like the C'thulu of the dota universe right? If it is true then we need some artwork of the dark lord.

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  • Lord_Talron
    Wots this come tae dinnah?
    Well i ain't gittin na thinnah
    Heroes an' soch
    are na more than lunch
    When tha Butchah sits down tae et

    apologies for the strange words
    i only meant to be heard
    in the voice of pudge
    so, please, just dont give me a thud(ge)!
    Last edited by Lord_Talron; 08-16-2013, 11:35 AM.

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  • Wulfstan
    I come riding on light itself;
    Bringing the dark's banishment.
    I shall invade the dark realm and mend;
    So I can prove oneself.

    That I am the Keeper of the Light!
    The one which turns dark worlds bright
    The light comes,overcoming the shadow
    Soon the church of dreams is to follow.

    Atropos?A God?
    More like a fraud;
    Obtained immortality
    Through an act of brutality.

    The church of nightmares is doomed to fall;
    Whatever you do, don't even try to stall.
    The power of light is stronger than ever
    Brightness shall overcome the dark nether!

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  • The Flying Menace
    Originally posted by OverseerHacker View Post
    Does the Summoning Sea in the Archronicus (?) part took some excerpts from this thread? O_O
    Yeah. I had no idea that the excerpts would be used this way

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  • OverseerHacker
    Does the Summoning Sea in the Archronicus (?) part took some excerpts from this thread? O_O

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  • bodge13


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  • Shegzor
    Blood is red.
    We are blue.
    I like this part!
    Me too.

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