I wanted to try and make a dota original hero that follows dota 2 lore but furthers dota's competitive history. Open to lore writing and artistic visions (as it seems like the hero already has competitive appeal with respect to balance)

abacus (alternatively matthias?)
horseback archer
Q: whistling "vanes" small-aoe (175?) ground-targeted-aoe skillshot +cc tbd, implemented by a ghostly projectile that can seperate from this world, legendary shot that chain fells trees. only applies effects and damage (with the exception of trees) on landing, composite dmg if enemy or healing with the additional application of a spell damage buff on next attack if self or friendly. minimum range of 600
W: "nock" crit passive with an active that replaces the base attack damage of your next attack with the highest recorded non critical attack damage
E: "chime" (basically a free drum with a transformation based aura active that also resets attack timer? (in addition to regen buffs) A skill that also occupies a backpack slot and may be given to another hero to share the skill, abacus still receives the effect of the chime. Artwork and lore being the wisdom of forgoing spurs for boots in order to royally entrust mana in his warhorse's instincts
Ult: "flight": aoe-targeted spell that deals base attack damage (shooting multiple arrows in one draw) and has an evasion condition (to introduce a skill that can be drafted against evasion builders or heroes that rely on skill based dmg-evasion) hits another target in range with heavy critical damage if missed/disjointed etc (applys a debuff that polls all nearby entities within an aoe to apply missed dmg)