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    As has been said previously, the lore in Dota 1 can be compared to an adolescents angst-ridden margin scribbles in writing quality.


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      Originally posted by The_Codfish View Post
      Basically, the war between the Radiant and Dire sides aren't supposed to define the heroes.
      This is true, and it's something a lot of people forget. Glad it was said. But regardless, it also brings up a problem, to which I have a solution.
      Every hero is either Radiant or Dire aligned. Therefore, they are part of one of two teams. If you're not on red guys, you're on green guys, no way around it, which is largely illogical for heroes who would probably have no allegiance, or who would never accept to fight for the same side as some other hero.

      The solution I can come up with is: They never fought together, at all.
      There's SEVERAL ancients spread throughout the world, and the heroes each found a different reason to fight for one of these individual ancient. Maybe Drow's woods was being tainted by a dire ancient. Maybe Slardar chased a thief who was Radiant aligned. Viper flew away and nested somewhere under Dire influence, while Pugna went somewhere completely different and terrorized some Radiant civilization because that's what he did. They might have never met again, even.

      So what does that make of the battle Dota 2 portays?
      Simple, it's a Compilation, for entertainment purposes! Same way you can take a commander in Dinasty Warriors and have him participate on some battle they historically were never a part of, we're being given the chance to do the same thing with the heroes. The whole thing with Dota becomes more of a "What if SUPER AWESOME GUY X teamed up with GREAT DUDE Y and fought against IMPOSSIBLY COOL DEMON W?". It would even explain a lot of inconsistencies, like why would a weapon that's renowned for its power be wielded by people who can't even grab it in any way, or why can we form teams of just about anyone with anyone or why is everyone's fighting level about the same when they start.
      To sum up, Dota would be "just a show".
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