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Rubick Lore

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    I'm with Nicoman. He was human or something along those lines, but got the gel stuff on him at a later point because of his abilities.
    If the gel is part of his race, and, if it being part of its staff as well is any indication, it is related to the nature of his powers - then his lore doesn't make sense. The other magus would have been able to know to expect ability copying from him during the great duel. He would have never been able to beat them by turning them against each other.

    Also, more conventional explanations aside - He might be for Radiant side for a mere geographical reason, same one I gave for batrider. He was born on a Radiant aligned civilization so he feels compelled to fight for a Radiant Ancient.

    Btw, anyone else get reminded of Birds when looking at that head bobbing. I think not even turkeys do it that intensively though. He's definitely on some substance.


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      NVM, already posted
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        As always, VALVe didn't fail to deliver a great piece of fiction.

        Originally posted by Arxos View Post
        KotL is most likely going to be turned into the Fundamental of Light which means he's immortal. And also not a human.
        I think that KotL will end up being an avatar of Light at best, not really a fundamental himself. His ultimate may be something along the lines 'Ezalor becomes Light made flesh', but that's about it imo.


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          Two questions about Rubick

          Forgive my Rubick noobness, but i was wondering...
          1) For spell steal, can Rubick target allies or is it only enemy heroes?
          2) Does aghanims scepter work with Rubick, does it give you the upgraded ults of the person you spell steal?


          • #20
            First - only enemies, of course. Bugged as of just right now, but this surely will be fixed.
            Second - doesn't work, you automatically steal upgraded ultimates if they are upgraded.

            And yeah... This is the lore thread, kind of sort of, you could have checked here, most importantly in the guides section there's a couple of really good ones.
            Heroes this user should seriously reconsider ever picking again.


            Visit the Dota 2 Lore Megathread. Renovation ongoing.


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              ya i apologize, i wasn't entirely sure where to ask something like that


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                I wrote something up on Reddit about Rubick, Invoker, the magi, etc. Here's a link:

                And here's a copy paste:

                We all know Invoker's been around for...Well, ever, since the beginning for Magic, and that he's also one of the most powerful beings in the universe currently (Unable to be killed, greater mind than anyone, etc.). As was Established by justregisteredtosayt in this post, Invoker's spells are based off what we can assume to be the signature spell of the 11 in the council (Missing one, which, from assumption, can be the Sempiternal Cantrap, the immortality spell he first cast upon himself). At one point in his life, Invoker was indeed part of the order of Magi, with his own title, the Arsenal Magus (Due, of course, to his having more spells at his disposal than anyone else). His rank in this organization is still unknown.

                Because of some of Rubick's responses (Most notably this one), it's safe to assume that the Invoker was already a very powerful and very well known magus back when Rubick went against them. We can also then pull out the assumption that Invoker was not part of the battle against Rubick, both because Rubick makes no mention of having previously defeated him, and because Invoker's personality would not seem like the type to be loyal to the other magi and defend them against Rubick.

                Back to the topic of the Hidden council, with the information we have right now, we can safely assume that they are no more, and that the entire order of Magi is itself gone. Instead of keeping the title of Arsenal Magus, he had changed it to Invoker (Proof), Rubick himself being the only one who maintains his title as Grand Magus.

                TL;DR: Invoker's still a badass, Rubick is pretty awesome, Valve background lore is amazing.

                Edit 1: It's possible Rubick's power as a Magus comes from his father. Through quotes such as this when he picks up scepter, it's safe to label him as Aghanim's son. The flavor text on the scepter is " The scepter of a wizard with demigod-like powers. " Invoker is described as a demigod, due to his immortality. Is it possible, then, that Rubick's father is the enigmatic 11th member of the council, the one who crafted the scepter, and created the Sempiternal Cantrap?

                Edit 2: Removed Skywrath MAGE. My bad
                Last edited by Aughyssul; 06-20-2012, 01:28 PM.


                • #23
                  We don't know if Skywrath Mage is related to this particular group of Magus yet.

                  (And I bet nor does Valve. 250 gold they haven't even decided anything for those last 3 heroes)


                  • #24
                    Woops, my bad. Fixed.


                    • #25
                      In his current sound set, once he purchases Aghenim's Scepter, he refers to his Father's masterpiece, so i'm sure in future patches, we will be seeing a revamped version of his lore to first: make him a more Radiant allied hero and second: to show his father in the lore


                      • #26
                        He does feel a little aggressive in his way of killing so many Magus, however there are some other heroes that don't really feel there side so I doubt that part will be changed, as Rubick's desire for challenge is basically his core characteristic.
                        There should definitely be a small mention of the fact that he's Aghanim's son though.