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Idea for a trailer that can show off lore and heroes

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  • Idea for a trailer that can show off lore and heroes


    Have this idea after reading the "Dota 2 Cosmology - WIP" thread, how about having the shopkeeper narrate that throughout the duration of the trailer, whilst on screen are the relevant aspects. It would be a good way to introduce people to the story of the game, as well as some heroes before they were fighting. Overall this would give an overview picture of everything.

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    Like the "Meet the X" series of TF2?


    • #3
      I like the idea. I was thinking of this trailer to be like Dragon Age's Origin intro scene.


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        I would vote for them too


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          valve said they wanted to do "meet the X" style videos but we haven't heard from it anymore


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            Watch DotaCinema on youtube.
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              Originally posted by Detrimindexta View Post
              Like the "Meet the X" series of TF2?
              Hey look buddy, I'm a Tinker. That means I solve problems. Not problems like 'what is beauty?' Because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. I solve practical problems. For instance, how am I gonna stop some big mean motherhubbard from tearin' me a structurally superfluous new behind? The answer? Use laser beams! And if that don' work, use MORE laser beams!


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                Dazzle + Huskar seems to be a fan favorite when this subject is brought up. Apparently people think Huskar's lore makes a good intro video already.

                I mis-disagree. I'd rather see new stuff, but I can't say it wouldn't be cool.

                The cosmology thread stuff is a remarkable idea DarkMess1ah. It really puts things in perspective for people joining up.


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                  I was thinking about this the other day. I imagined a scene where Pudge was basically trying to hook a hero through the trees, but every time he hooks he gets something else ("BLOODY CREEP"). I liked the idea of him doing this. Maybe he hooks out and gets Tide's fish (for a snack) and then hooks him by his mouth to reel him in. In all the videos it would be important to not only explore the lore but also the play style of that hero.


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                    Just like to say: We can actually make our own trailers now that we don't just have a completely ridden bugfest on an actual non-leaked and non-tf2 specific version of Source Film Maker.

                    All we need is a beta key.

                    After filling a steam survey... Man, chances are looking pretty grim already.

                    Man, I wonder if MaxofS2D actually likes the Dota 2 heroes