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  • Axe

    As a grunt in the Army of Red Mist, Axe set his sights on the rank of Red Mist General. In battle after battle he proved his worth through gory deed. His rise through the ranks was helped by the fact that he never hesitated to decapitate a superior. Through the seven year Campaign of the Thousand Tarns, he distinguished himself in glorious carnage, his star of fame shining ever brighter, while the number of comrades in arms steadily dwindled. On the night of ultimate victory, Axe declared himself the new Red Mist General, in time to find his troops now numbered zero. Of course many had died in battle, but a significant number had also fallen to Axe's blade. Needless to say, most soldiers now shun his leadership. But this matters not a whit to Axe, who knows that a one-man army is by far the best.

  • #2
    It's not possible for Axe to become even more awesome, I really like the lore. It fits the idea of Axe going into battle without respect for his enemies or him caring about his allies.

    I have only one question: what is, ah, was the Army of Red Mist (who did it belong to? what was it fighting for?)


    • #3
      Agree with Chair, really want to know what the Army of Red Mist is. I feel like we shouldn't throw out names of places / organizations / people without some background on those things. This is a great opportunity to really flesh out the world of DOTA and it would be a shame if we didn't do that.


      • #4
        This is fantastic, it's so perfectly in Axe's flavor. Agreed with alien and chair that I'd like to see more here!


        • #5
          It kinda reminded me of the Water Village in the Naruto sage, when it was called the bloody mist village.

          It perfectly fits... yet no pun's about his beard nor his manlyness.... something about both of them is nearly mandatory to be added.

          Even though the ruthless part is great for him, but the killing of his own... also might create the idea for newbs that counter helix also deals damage to allies... which is something i don't like and. Even though it's somewhat lulzy to be the best of a one man army.... Axe kinda looks like a good Leader who has followers for me.


          • #6
            Favorite lore so far.

            Properly reflects his character in-game.
            Last edited by slugonice; 09-21-2011, 07:22 AM.


            • #7
              Holy shit this is seriously good. Loving his "fuck everything" attitude.


              • #8
                Other than referring to him as "Axe" in the story, this is excellent. Generally the same thing goes for most stories where heroes are referred to by their title - they would feel more personal if you referred to the heroes by their name. In this case, Mogul Kahn or whatever you choose to be his name.

                This is to say, all heroes need names and titles.