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  • Lion

    Once a powerful sorcerer, Lion earned fame among his brethren for fighting on the side of light and righteousness. But adulation corrupts. With powers surpassed only by his ambition, the mage was seduced by a demon and turned to evil, trading his soul for prominence and prestige. After committing horrible crimes that marred his soul, he was abandoned. The demon betrayed him, striking better deals with his enemies. Such was Lion’s rage that he followed the demon back to hell and slew it, ripping it limb from limb, taking its demonic hand for his own. However, such daemonoplasty comes at a cost. Lion was transfigured by the process, his appearance mutated, his body transformed until he became something unrecognizable, a creature with no name. He rose from hell rage incarnate, slaying his enemies and laying waste to the lands where he had once been so adored.

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    I like that story, explains why he looks like he does and again another connection to hell. Who did he betray though? Feels extremely much like he belonged to the same people Keeper of the Light and Omniknight belonged to. And maybe even Silencer, Chen, Dragon Knight and possibly Rubick too.

    I don't get why Tiny is his rival though.
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      he became something unrecognizable, a creature with no name
      I have no problem with this, except that it raises the question of why he is called Lion (or The Lion), which as of now seems unanswered.


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        Originally posted by Otter View Post
        I have no problem with this, except that it raises the question of why he is called Lion (or The Lion), which as of now seems unanswered.
        In the 12th century, "Lion" was used as a word with two meanings: an approving one, where Lion means "one who is fiercely brave," and a disapproving one, where Lion means "tyrannical leader, greedy devourer". I'd guess he's The Lion because he's the greedy devourer.


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          No he's lion because he's both, the first in the past the 2nd in the present. Whoem did he betray, a group order etc. something would be good. Even better if it connects with other heroes.

          Where does it say something about Tiny huh?