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  • Mirana

    High Priestess of Mene, the moon goddess, Mirana prowls the Nightsilver Woods searching for any who would dare poach from the goddess's preserve. Riding on her enormous feline familiar, she is poised, proud and fearless. Born to a noble family, Mirana willingly gave up any claim to land or titles when she joined the Temple of Mene to learn to channel the magic of the heavens. She is attuned to the wheeling of the constellations, her powers shifting subtly with the phases of the moon, from dark-strengths to light. Her bow, which may not be touched except by a priestess of Mene, draws on lunar power to charge its arrows of ice.

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    I like the initial concept here, but I think it needs ties into other heroes to be really interesting. Luna seems like a clear choice, as another moon-related lady riding a feline, either as a disciple, ally, fellow-priestess-gone-rogue, or such. Also, about the preserve in general I'd be curious what's in it that's worth protecting and who might be interested in doing the poaching.

    I feel like ice arrows are so explicitly Drow's major gameplay trait that giving ice-charged arrows to Mirana in the lore seems confusing. Easy fix though, I'd be happy with them having pretty much any other traits than ice, be it light-charged, moon-charged, or whatever.


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      Tbh I don't like the sound of "Mene", it's so much less iconic than all the latin Luna variations, could go for something simple like LaLune, Warcraft III didn't really come up with something new here with their Elune^^. If we want to stick to greek myth again I would prefer Selene too. Apart from lunar, selenic is used as a term for talking about the moon.

      Sooner or later somebody is gonna keep calling it Meme too But apart from that it's good imo.

      And what Otter said about ice-arrows, that's Drow, not Mirana.


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        "Mene" is the ancient greek word to designate "moon". It's also connected to the notion of "month", because the moon was used to measure the passage of time.

        Just as curiosity, words from other languages that means 'moon': Mensis (latim), Menesis (lithuanian), Masah (sanskrit). The greek also has Selene (a less known variant is one from Lebos, 'Selanna').

        EDIT: Selanna sounds pretty good, and it's very uncommon.
        Last edited by shostakovich; 09-15-2011, 06:44 PM.


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          It's "Mesec" in Serbian and "Måne" in Danish if anyone is curious!
          Last edited by Dinozavre; 09-21-2011, 02:26 PM.


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            I agree on the arrow-issue. Ice would be confusing in a way.
            The rest is pretty good. I mean this is just the describtion of the character, her relationship with other characters and conflicts are something that should be explored in later additions to the lore (or within the game via voice-lines if that is still possible).
            If the paragraph in the OP is meant to explain her origins, there should be a line about her past. For example, being raised and trained as a warrior-priestess since her childhood or something...


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              @i agree with Cymen
              Selena sounds good
              in romanian it's Lună ( or for "the month" it's "Luna")


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                Originally posted by Dinozavre View Post
                It's "Mesec" in Serbian and "Måned" in Danish if anyone is curious!


                • #9
                  Mene reminds me to much of myriads to be honest... it doesn't feel like the name of a Moon Goddes,
                  Selene, Selune, Yume, Tsukuyomi, Tsuki, Luna, Serenlune all make up for better names in my ears.
                  Ice doesn't need to be part of PotM in any way imho. There no need for her to be ice related just moon related will be enough to "make-up" for an arrow charging story.

                  So basicly cut the ice part, and get a better name for the moon goddes.
                  Last edited by Lycan; 09-18-2011, 03:45 PM.


                  • #10
                    Is she called Priestess of the Moon or Princess of the Moon? Because i read sometimes the latter, but in DotA1 she's called the first (Priestess...)


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