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  • Sandking

    Sandking (aka Crixalis) is a guardian of the Scintillant Waste, a vast desert whose shifting sands are alive and animate. In outward appearance, Sandking resembles a huge arachnid, but his exoskeleton is a form of magic armor, forged by the Armorers of Qaldin. The armor is filled entirely with sentient sand, giving Sandking a solid presence unique to his people. In this form he strides the world beyond the desert, acting as warrior and sole ambassador of his race. But although he walks above the ground, he retains his ability to merge with the soil at any moment, to tunnel below; he can summon blinding sandstorms to scour his enemies' eyes.

  • #2
    I always considered Crixalis to be the king of his people or the self-proclaimed King of his territory, after all he is the Sand King. He does not feel very Guardian-like to me, he is an underground tunneling scorpion something.

    I admit I completely dislike the magic armor part by those Armorers. Sand King has always been a Scorpion-like animal to me, it's not an armor, it's his skin and body. And just like some other heroes there needs to be a reason for him to leave his Scintillant Waste Kingdom.


    • #3
      A guy named Skywalker made a Sand King story movie. Could be relevant to use this story or parts from it.
      Steam: bQttger


      • #4
        yeah I agree this story is just not very appealing to me. Would like to see it be more like what chair suggested.


        • #5
          -guardian + king after that it's fine for me tbh.


          • #6
            That would be cool if the story followed from that video, because I liked the video a lot. Also sentinent sand cant enject venom into things to make them explode

            (but on second thought it could fill them with sand until it blows out every hole in their body, which is bad ass, I changed my mind I love the story now lol)