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  • Spectre

    Spectre is a stranger from higher dimension, trapped in the world of Dota after an event that left her disoriented and disordered. Unable to understand or be understood by those around her, she finds the continual combat a comfortable environment, indicating that she has descended from from another place of perpetual strife.

  • #2
    Feels like a placeholder... We still know nothing about Spectre, who she is, what she does, where she comes from. And "higher dimension" does not really seem to fit imo.


    • #3
      I like the idea of her being incorporeal undead Spectre, sharing all those traits similar to creatures of those type. We already got too much creatures from an unknown sources, she should have an distinct story. By some default, Spectre is nor living nor dead phantasmal spirit of someone who died violently. She (or it) should be someone specific, who suffered great loss and died while defending someone/something.


      • #4
        It should have a connection with Enigma
        like she is here from another dimension when 2 black holes colapsed ( inb4 Refresher Enigma)


        • #5
          This feels like it's a story to have a story... pretty much a placeholder.

          A darkness who was ancient even in the early days of the world's existence, Mercurial is the embodiment of rage and vengeance in the souls of those long dead. Haunting her enemies with relentless fervor, she is able to throw a dagger-like projectile that allows her to chase her prey beyond physical boundaries, and the fear and the desolation struck in the hearts of those who have the misfortune of encountering her alone is a pain impossible to withstand. Spectre's thirst for destruction is insatiable, and the upcoming struggle seems to be just what she was waiting for.
          Why not make a Soul whose not yet done fighting? In a more dark demonic arts kind of way. The embodiment of rage... well perhaps not the perfect fit, since rage is better fit for a fire element themed hero. But the idea of it existing for a long time and no one knows how it existed is a better origin story than not having a origin story.... Also i always felt like she came from the "twisting nether" some dark place in an abyss.


          • #6
            Many of the heroes seem to come from a place that is isolated from the rest of the world but this is too much.
            I must assume that this is a placeholder. Which gives us the chance to think of something cool instead of just feedback to details :P

            But the suggested story here is a nice start considering her voice-lines...I mean where else are you gonna go with gibberish like that :P
            I like Znu55's suggestion of an event that threw her into this world and the possible connection to Enigma. But I do not like that her realm seems to be unheard of...I mean even the timeless domain FV came from has a name. Was she just randomly take from her hone? Did she take a chance and jumped into the unknown? Or was she banished from her home into a world she does not understand? That would give her existence a litle more context. Also, her abilities are not really something I can imagine to be something common no matter where she is from. At least hint at it?
            You can't have so many questionmarks on the map for a world that is supposed to be coherent (I personally don't like the "other universe" excuse, just me though).


            • #7
              after reading what Cymen said spectre feels like it's an Outcast from enigma's planet/dimension, after so many Demonic Conversations Enigma summoned Spectre, who searched a way to enter this world, to <insert a reason and a person here>