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How to control many units(meepo)

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  • How to control many units(meepo)

    Hi I am not a newbie but i cant control those heroes nicely who have to control many units like meepo,enchantress,etc
    So here are my some basic questions:
    how to select all the controlable units(including main hero)
    How to poof all meepos at the same time by 1 click(If this is possible and if not please provide me hint to spam all poof ASAP)
    and please provide other hints too (related to this topic)

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    meepos 1,2,3,4,5 <- corresponding from top to bottom on top left icons. simpler for beginners if you never get aghs on him. can also use a control group for all meepos except the main one.

    6 for all meepos

    health bars always on and select individually on the screen to run away, farm, or throw net as needed or select from top left if you notice dangerous hp.

    use main meepo for saving others with items like mek or drums, 1 -> (item hotkey)

    to continuously net, select all -> tab -> e -> tab -> e, etc. throw poof in there once you get pro.

    1 button poof, make a macro that does the same but tab poof and click (make sure to have mouse on meepo 1) then blink meepo 1 on top of enemy and net/poof, ez. macro should finish in under 1.5 seconds and 1st poof is 2 sec.

    also good macro to use while main one tp's out.

    this is just how i played him in the past. too lazy to set up a poof macro, but that is how i would do it. if someone has better ways to control him, please share, i'd be happy to know.
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      This is the lore subforum.


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        Originally posted by poogs View Post
        this is just how i played him in the past. too lazy to set up a poof macro, but that is how i would do it. if someone has better ways to control him, please share, i'd be happy to know.
        I'm not entirely sure, but it may be possible that one could create a script which would execute these commands with greater efficacy than a macro (I simply have little trust for macros). I could be wrong, but it's definitely something worth looking in to.

        Furthermore, there is an option to enable "ctrl clicks" as issues sent to all units under your control. It's good for temporarily giving a mass order without the need of reselecting units.


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          this post is not suited for this entire forum.
          we dont provide gameplay tips here.
          try to post it on or simply use the searchfunction there or read a guide about meepo.

          Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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