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(Discussion) What do you want to see accomplished from the lore?

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  • #31
    +1 OP

    This will be a real challenge for Valve.
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    • #32
      Im going to be honest in that I REALLY don't like some of the current lore and I hope that they get changed...

      e.g. Riki's lore (Im typing this out of memory, sorry if Im a little off track): He was part of royal family, he had an older brother and therefore was not really seen, because of this he tried to be invisible (Seriously? This is what they could come up with for his permanent invisibility?).

      It's that forced lore that makes it sound bad to me, lore should flow naturally and fit into each other seamlessly. Not forced, as this creates a really bad story.

      I think they should really put effort into the lore. A good lore can lead to a lot of things, people making shows for each character's background, creating mods for other games based on Dota 2 lore etc. It really does add a nice feel to the game.


      • #33
        I really want to know more about the "Nemesis Stones".

        Also an excerpt from Dota1, Slark the Murloc Nightcralwers back story holds something interesting regarding lore.

        "...this creature known only as Slark, has emerged from the depths to search for an ancient relic."

        And no, that ancient relic is not a "sacred relic". Nice try.


        • #34
          Originally posted by alwaysgorandom View Post
          So, ambiguous motivations, like I've stated? Personality driven goals?

          Skeleton King
          Radiant: Vengeance on who cursed him
          Dire: Conquest of his former alliance

          Radiant: Defending her habitat
          Dire: Conquest of any who threaten her

          Obviously these may not be the best examples, but please think concept instead of specific details. This is what I meant earlier, and would really be interested in participating in the creative process (if allowed and the interest arises, of course).
          i don't think the dire and the radiant represent whole races or anything like that. it's not necessary that lion's original race supports the radiant side and in his present state he would be on the dire side. while the world seems to have stuff like heaven and hell it doesn't necessarily mean that those are the sides fighting or that they even care.

          personally i'd like it to be simply a battle for control of an area, some powerful artifacts or some such. the heroes all have their own motivations and aren't necessarily allied or fighting for any other reason than mutual benefit. so someone with a revenge motivator may not be fighting the opposing side because he hates them but because it gets him closer to his actual target, who often may not even have been picked.

          also, sometimes for heroes like brood and leoric it might just be the sort of thing they do. conquest for power for power's sake.


          • #35
            I like the idea of a Valhalla-style thing where dead heroes fight forever, but that's just me.

            I will like any kind of lore as long as it's heavily supported by Valve.


            • #36
              I very much like the trend toward ambiguous intentions, since it makes more sense of the fact that any hero can fight for either side.

              Personally, I'd like to see more connections between the characters, as it would make much of the lore feel less isolated. That's not to say a lone wolf character would be bad, but it feels like almost all of the current heroes are.

              As for the writing itself, this is all open to change in the respective forum threads.


              • #37
                One thing you guys should keep in mind: Once you release a comic, the lore of that comic is set in stone. (Unless you want official comics that defy the lore, which I do not advise.)

                So if you are going to release comics on heroes, be sure that the lore of that hero is what you want it to be. The "Are we heroes yet?" comic was pretty awesome, solid lore. I like how you said that Roshan stole the Aegis, this indirectly also explains how you could buy Aegis in previous DotA versions, (like around 5.0) but now you kill Roshan for it... I'm not a big fan of current hero lore, so I just ask you to think carefully before you set anything in stone ... Just my opinion


                • #38
                  I support this. Seems like the major thing that a lot of people are looking for is coherency and consistency in the lore. Really hope the people at Valve find a good way to present this information.


                  • #39
                    Dont have the time to read all posts now, so just my 2 Cents:

                    - Why no Single-Player for Dota 2? I guess with a good storybook you could have a campaign of 10hours with a lot of heroes in it. Or little backgroundmovies and campaigns for every hero based on the same big story.
                    - No campaign but one big story that relates heroes to each other + several heropools based on origin (like same race / leader / town).


                    • #40
                      I have to say, this topic is amazing. Also, this topic made me think this could actually happen. I don't have any good lore suggestions, but I just want to state, thumbs up for epic lore, thumbs up for campaign.
                      Make us feel more home in world of DotA <3.


                      • #41
                        Originally posted by lemonfresh View Post
                        - Why no Single-Player for Dota 2? I guess with a good storybook you could have a campaign of 10hours with a lot of heroes in it. Or little backgroundmovies and campaigns for every hero based on the same big story.
                        - No campaign but one big story that relates heroes to each other + several heropools based on origin (like same race / leader / town).
                        was asked about in a gamescom interview with gaben.


                        essentially says that it's not planned right meow and changes the topic rather quickly


                        • #42
                          What is important is not why Radiant and Dire fight, but why the heroes fight.
                          Players are more interested of the heroes themselves since they have always been the stars of the show. Interaction and backgrounds that link would most likely be popular.


                          • #43
                            I agree that lore-wise things seem a bit disjointed. There is consistency in a lot of the hero models, though it would be nice to see more connections between the various heroes and an underlying continuity in their backstories. I'm sure a lot of this sort of lore is still in the works, especially with everything from a design standpoint still being in flux.


                            • #44
                              I thought enigma was working for the radiant?


                              • #45
                                Its a really good idea to simply justify heroes siding with either radiant or dire because suspension of disbelief re: lore fails fast when you see dire heroes on radiant and radiant heroes on dire, game after game. It's not a big deal but for a game that actually has lore, it would be good to at least explain this.