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Today's test client update brings us a section of the Dota 2 world map!

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    The tutorial map got updated in today's test patch. Tidemarsh is gone and got replaced with the Kingdom of Elze. Bleeding Hills is more visible but it doesn't have a tooltip of its own yet (it's using Tidemarsh's old text as a placeholder), and we can see the Hoven southeast of it. There's a few more named places, but they're partially obscured so far (there's a Somethings of Nish to the left of the Bleeding Hills). No new tutorials yet.
    Originally posted by ChrisC
    - Fixed Bloodseeker getting slowed down by haste


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      This is amazing as hell.


      • #18
        There is also "DOTA_Tutorial_Archronicus_Page1" "Archronicus Page"
        "DOTA_Tutorial_Archronicus_Page_Description1" "Within the Archronicus are gathered the ancient texts of many cultures, drawn from across the ages, and from across the whole wide range of the contested lands. The chronicles found herein may provide a deeper understanding of the universe, its history and cosmology, but the mysteries revealed will not impact gameplay."
        Any thoughts?
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          There's a few more named places, but they're partially obscured so far (there's a Somethings of Nish to the left of the Bleeding Hills). No new tutorials yet.
          That's the Peaks of Nishai, where Earthshaker originates from. I am quite sure.

          The loss of Tidemarsh will forever be mourned by at least myself, since now I'm forced to edit the big topic yet again.

          Oh and the discussion of Archronicus also takes place there. If that you do not fancy, create a topic of your own.
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            Well I take it as a good sign for us lore lovers. Perhaps they are finally givin' us some more in depth lore like we all wanted.

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            • #21
              I hope that this isn't just what we get. I mean, it's great and all, but it's old.


              • #22
                I would imagine there'd be some new stuff in it along with that Mad Moon bit.


                • #23
                  why i cant go to the next tutorial?? the wailing mountain!!! just finished the dragon knight twice!!! damn!! is there some issues in this quest or what?


                  • #24
                    If you consider "It ain't done yet" to be an issue, then yes
                    Originally posted by ChrisC
                    - Fixed Bloodseeker getting slowed down by haste


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                      Originally posted by 1337_n00b View Post
                      The Greece/Earth theory is a bit far-fetched, it's not more than some creative usage of real-world geography as of me.

                      Oh, and here's one more thing - the Feral Road, mentioned in one of Sven's sets, seems to pass by the Wailing Mountains. Oh, and The Wailing One apparently created the universe. Big news.
                      pls post source, where did you find this info?
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