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Archronicus, The Tome of Worthy

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  • Archronicus, The Tome of Worthy

    With the latest update, we've got ourselves a good new chunk of lore in the form of Archronicus, a book that deciphers itself the more (tutorial missions) you play. Thus far there only are three chapters - one is open from the start, the other two are unlocked by playing the essential tutorials - the one of Dragon Knight and the one of Sniper.

    The transcriptions can be found here and here in text form or as a series of pictures - Part 1 and Part 2 of the Chronicle of Thesos (A Folk of the Keen) - made available after completing the Dragon Knight tutorial; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 3 of The Summoning Sea - made available after completing the Sniper tutorial. The Mad Moon and the Ancients is essentially the Dota 2 Cosmology thread that you can see pinned up in this forum. You can view the pictures in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

    Now, this thread is basically a place of general discussion of the Archronicus project - with feedback, ideas and comments slash theories on the available pieces. Not to steal the spotlight from the created threads, but something tells me that it could become a bit of a mess as more and more pages are added.
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    im excited. arent there more pages for doing the other parts of the tutorials?
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      Here, here! I myself found the Archronicus to be quite entertaining alongside the second tutorial. I could really rant on about the tutorial missions (I intend to post my own feedback in the tutorial forums soon) but suffice to say I felt the Archronicus was a justified 'reward' for a players investment into the quests/training tutorials. I hate that they changed the name, really.

      I'll summarize what I thought though real-quick: Bluntly put, the second tutorial was the best while the laning tutorials were quite disappointing. Hell, the third tutorial didn't even have music! The sniper tutorial felt very hand-crafted to be 'adventurous' and the Davion tutorial wasn't too shabby for their first attempt, if you ask me.

      Oh, how about all those Maelrawn the Tentacular references in the sniper tutorial? The octopus emblem upon the floor in the "base shop" along with that octopus...grave thing in the tomb. Pretty cool stuff, Voldo.

      This is why I felt such a sharp disconnect in the latter tutorials: They focused too much on the core game while being completely hallow of the "fun stuff." I understand that they eventually had to transition into the actual DoTA 2 map at some point but it was really, really, really boring. I won't touch too much on it as that is a reservation best posted in the Tutorial Feedback, but I do not think the best reward for spending 10+ minutes laning against a really dumbed down Axe AI is...lore? Then to repeat it all over again but you have to take down two towers and you can choose who you want? Ugh.

      It was enjoyable regardless (Archronicus). My favorite part was the Keen deeming the footprint to be: "Large enough for a Keen to lay in." So he did.


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        I thought I was reading Japanese/Korean characters at first. xD


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          Expanding upon theologies - What I would like to see out of the Achronius

          The Achronius finally gives us the in-depth lore explanations we have been looking for. Now, so far we have received two stories: One being a Keen's account of a dragon's anatomy, with reference to Dragon Knight and his order of knights. The second was an epic poem that seems to explain the origins of the Gem of True Sight as well as a possible explanation as to why Tidehunter is now on the battlefield.

          These are both interesting pieces of work that naturally make me anxious for more material. If I had to say exactly what I would want next out of the Achronius, I would say deeper explanations of preexisting groups, like The Knights of The Fold, The Order of Aeol Drias, etc. I would love to hear more about their beliefs, ideologies, alliances. Most importantly, I would like to hear what other groups interpret the Ancients to be. What do YOU want to see next?

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            A new hero release.


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              Ummmm, not funny.

              And, eh... I kinda created the Archronicus topic so that we'd be rid of the swarms and swarms of new ones every time has an idea. So what if I have CDO, you can't ban that. But, okay, I'll post this here and then call the warden.

              In my perfect World, Archronicus serves as, well... the achievements for the game. You unlock pages by playing a hero, playing them a given amount of times, playing a certain game mode, breaking 100/200/300 wins et cetera. They can't be shared, they don't really count anywhere but in your Archronicus, and farming them is more or less pointless.

              The pages themselves... as Valve have shown us, they could have anything. From a first-person record to an old legend to a kids' scary story to read by the campfire about Balanar to a excrepit from a town newspaper. The possibilities are only limited by the book being a book so you can't put videos in.
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                Merged, as the two threads basically were about the same thing.
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                  The Archronicus to me is just a specified and organized document to place any future lore, kind of like a public Dota bible. I for one would really like to see accounts of past hero interactions, as alluded by many of the voice lines. Why the Grand Magus refers to Carl as the Arsenal Magus, or the duel between a giant porcupine and a bipedal polar bear in a godamn bar. Maybe some ecclesiarch's shorthand about Io the divine twinkling.

                  But what I really, -really- want to know is the deal between Lina and Rylai. I'm a sucker for family feuds with juxtaposing elemental magic.


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                    I want to know lore-wise why do the ancients fight in that specific place,I mean, Why is it so important?


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                      Originally posted by CT74 View Post
                      I want to know lore-wise why do the ancients fight in that specific place,I mean, Why is it so important?
                      I have a theory on why we are defending the ancient in that particular map.

                      That particular location is where a Radiant and Dire stone are in close proximity with each other by chance when the Mad Moon exploded. Since they oppose each other, they seek way to destroy the other stone by calling out heroes to aid them. Basically, defense of the ancients happen because two opposing forces are too close with each other.


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                        Originally posted by CT74 View Post
                        I want to know lore-wise why do the ancients fight in that specific place,I mean, Why is it so important?
                        Long ago, even before the dawn of the first light, even before the dawn of the universe, a race of beings known as the Pr'toss were engaged in a titanic civil war. Their battles raged across thousands of worlds, dealing colossal losses to all sides.

                        Of these battles, the largest and fiercest of them all was waged on a small, unassuming valley divided by a river. The battle was so massive, the casualties so high, the fighting going on for so long that no one actually remembered how it ended, just that it did. The valley itself was completely destroyed, its ecosystem in shambles, its river drained for valuable minerals and its terrain in ruins.

                        As a promise that no future confrontations would result in such tragic losses of lives even again, both the valley and the battle were coined the Aeon of Strife. Veterans of the battle spread tales of it far and wide, sometimes true, sometimes fictional, but all of them magnificent in scale and awesomeness. The stories reached even the farthest reaches of the universe, to the point that every race has heard of it.

                        When the time came for the universe to finally end, one of the last surviving relics of it was a small archive containing tales of the Aeon of Strife, preserved for future generations. Intelligent beings eventually stumbled upon the archive and copied it.

                        To this day, battles similar to the Aeon of Strife are being waged across countless worlds. Some because the location offered a strategic advantage to both sides, some because the commanders of the armies have read the tales and decided to pay homage to the ancient war, and some because the two sides simply met in an identical valley.

                        The battle may be between two opposing cities, a war of survival by humans against demons, a couple of bickering titans sealed by their exasperated peers, and simply a way to amuse themselves. Still, in the end, the story of the Aeon of Strife will live on for all of eternity.
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